Advice for relocating my family

For those of you who may be new and don’t know me I’ll introduce myself quick. My name is Josh Kennedy. Blind from birth, I grew up in a small town, attended college twice but had to drop out due to not having materials in an alternative accessible format such as daisy (digital accessible information system) format. I met my future wife growing up as a child while attending various camps for blind and disabled people. We dropped out of college for the same reasons I mentioned above, got married and we have a four year old boy. My wife is blind also. We are both totally blind; we have no sight at all. Anyway later we got our marriage blessed, our son baptised, and I am currently attending Lions world services for the blind to obtain my a+ and network+ certifications. I’m already a+ certified. For personal reasons, and because there are no jobs in Reading Pennsylvania; after much research I decided I want to move to the Tampa metro area in Florida. Does anyone live there? if so how do you like it? My family and I are currently living on SSI and our total income is only about $12000 per year. We pay $625 a month for rent and maybe more like $700 with utilities. $400… 8 or so months out of the year for oil for heating and hot water.

In the winter months sometimes we have $0.00 in our account. we get food stamps so we can have things to eat. Our quality of life, however, is still not good. We’re simply existing, not having money to do anything. In addition the city is full of crime. There are no jobs and no volunteer opportunities. I want to give my family a better quality of life. I don’t want my son growing up in this tiny crime-infested city. A modified version of my resume is pasted below, without contact info.

Joshua Kennedy
Targeting Entry-Level Helpdesk Positions
 Upcoming LWSB graduate offering a strong academic background in IT combined with excellent customer service experience
 Consistently recognized for technical troubleshooting skills used to rapidly resolve challenging technical issues
 Quickly learn and master new technology; equally successful in both team and self-directed settings; and proficient in a range of computer systems, tools and testing methodologies
Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician- Certification expected 08/2011
LWSB – Little Rock, AR
Comp TIA Net+
 Validated knowledge of networking features and functions with the equivalent of nine months of hands-on experience
Comp TIA A+
 Proven competence in installation, preventative maintenance, networking, security and troubleshooting
Technology Summary
Comp TIA A+, Comp TIA Net+
Windows 95/98/XP/VISTA/7/Apple OS 10.6/Ubuntu Linux/ Mac/Mobile Phone OS/ Windows Mobile/Symbian Phones/iPhone
MS Office- Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint/ Goldwave/ Switch/ Sound Forge/ Adobe Acrobat/ Mozila Fire Fox/ Mozila Thunderbird/ Open Office Suite/ Apple Mail/ Iworks Suite/ Gparted/ Evolution Mail Client
IT Experience
Self Employed – Reading, PA
 PC Repair Technician, (1995- Current) Handled technical troubleshooting, including system crashes, slow-downs and data recoveries. Install and test PCs, fix performance issues, diagnose hardware-related problems, repair PCs in homes. Maintain and repair all peripherals, storage devices and various software plugged into or installed on desktops or laptops.
Colorado Center for the Blind – Littleton, CO
 Assistive Technology Instructor, (2009) Voluntarily Taught both blind and visually impaired students how to use JAWS and ZoomText. Provided technical and instructional support related to assistive hardware, software, peripherals, and other technologies necessary to compensate for the individuals disability and promote academic success. Installs, configures and maintains assistive hardware, software and peripherals in the Assistive Technology Center.

Available for Relocation & Travel

I read about sighted people who moved and did not have jobs. But they had money saved up. or they had jobs lined up right away when they moved there. According to the best places to live website the Tampa metro area would be a good place to raise a family. This includes Tampa, Saint Petersburg and Clearwater Florida. Due to my family surviving on SSI saving money to move is not possible. The state agencies of Pennsylvania will not help me relocate unless I have a job. Is there anyone out there who could recommend ways for me to move my family–consisting of myself who is blind, my wife who is blind, and my sighted four-year-old son to the Tampa area? There are no jobs and no volunteer opportunities in Reading PA. If I am to be successful I need to live in a place with a good cost of living and job opportunities. I found Tampa is that place. If anyone on these forums can help me move, help me get a job in Tampa, Clearwater, Saint Petersburg, Orlando or Miami I would appreciate it very much. My family will never have a good quality of life where we are living now. Once I am working I intend to continue my education by obtaining the CompTia Linux+ certifications and some apple certifications also possibly my MCSE certification.

Are there any catholic organizations in the Tampa area, Orlando, or Miami areas who need a desktop support technician? I applied to many jobs and so far I only got one response back. that saying I was overqualified for a $13 an hour help desk job? My family only gets $12000 per year on SSI. $30000 is so much better than $12000 a year. I don’t want to be rich. All I want is to live in a safe city with plenty of opportunities for my family, lots of free and paid things to do and spend time with them at the beach and the ocean. I told my case manager today if it’s done right, moving my family to Florida could cost the same as or less than moving us to another part of PA. My son loves being outside. Living in the Tampa area will give him that chance to be outside a lot. When he gets into school. the beach will be a safe place for us to be. We could also use it to help him with any science projects he may have. The aquarium, zoo, baseball and football are all there, and there are jobs. I just need help getting there! I understand I may need to live in a small apartment for awhile while I work and save money for something a little better. I’m willing to sacrifice that though. If anyone would be willing to assist me in giving my family a better life I would greatly appreciate it.

Josh Kennedy – email jkenn337 at sign gmail dot com

I’m sorry I do not know anything about Tampa, but I will pray for you. I would also recommend getting in touch with the local Catholic Charities there. I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to find a location and phone number for one. Good luck!

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