Advice for some friends

hi everyone,

so i have a couple friends, they are not catholic. well a couple actually. i’ve known the boyfriend for a long time. since childhood basically. anyways, they had recently moved in together (don’t worry, i had expressed my disagreement on the matter) and the boyfriend didn’t keep enough money aside in order to pay his rent. anyways, his parents found out and basically went over to their house and made him pack up his stuff and leave. so now the girl is stuck with the apartment on her own. this guys has a lot of medical problems for as long as i’ve known him and his parents are now blaming her and trying to force her to leave. she is from out of town and they are saying that if she doesn’t go back, they will cut the boy off financially and make her life a living hell.

anyways, they’ve both been conbfiding in me lately and i just realy don’t knwo what to say. i feel like this is a bit insane and you can’t just threaten someone to leave the city. she said she was going to find her own place and get a job and she’s also here to go to school and that she would limit his contact with him but they told her it wasn’t good enough that that she was ruining their family.

and yes, i’ve heard ths same thing from her boyfriend’s side. of course, i don’t really know what the parents full story is and i’m not about to go asking because it’s not my place. but what do you guys think? should she just leave because they are intimidating her to?

Stay out of it!!!Tell each side when they approach you to leave you alone, you don’t want to hear it. Nothing good can come out of your involvement.
No matter which way you lean, one or both sides will resent you.

I agree. Stay out of it. Do not offer advice as there is really none to give anyway. It is a mess and you are not the one to clean it up.

Of course, be a good friend to them. Just not a friend who offers advice.

I think the best thing you can do is pray for them. God in His unlimited wisdom and love knows their hearts and can guide them.
You can also tell your friends that you pray for them when they ask you your advice.

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