Advice from Confession


So one or two years ago, I had a confession in which the priest said I should break up with my boyfriend. This is because at the time, we were sexually active.

Fast forward to now, my boyfriend and I are no longer sexually active, and we have been praying the rosary together daily. In a recent confession, I confessed disobeying the priest’s advice, and asked what I should do about it. He didn’t specifically address my sin of disobedience, but he said, “you should be okay.”

I’ve been pondering this incessantly and could use your prayers and advice. Thank you and God bless.

It sounds like you are doing well. If the priest you confessed to gave you absolution, you are free from that sin of disobedience. Assuming you confessed the sexual sin as well and received absolution, and you now are practicing celibacy with your boyfriend. So all is well, and perhaps that’s what the priest meant. I’d forget about it and just continue staying close to Jesus and His sacraments.


It is possible for people to grow, mature, and stop sinning or being an occasion of sin for each other. It sounds like the priest thought perhaps you had reached that point. I agree with Limoncello;s advice. I will pray for you to continue staying close to Jesus and out of sin.


Father told you that you should be okay (I’m sure he was referring to the fact that you had both stopped the activity you were doing and were praying together now). Listen to Father.


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