Advice: if you have no feelings when you pray or are in church

This can be something called spiritual dryness. As this article explains, God can allow this for our own good. This article is at:±+Catholic+Portal%29

Thanks for the link. It seems a lot of people come to these forums seeking help because of things like this. I even went through a time like this. Thanks for a good explanation. :slight_smile:

Reading the four Gospel’s, it will do wonders — then ask for the Holy Spirit to fill you

It won’t do anything unless God wants it to - He is not a consolation vending machine. That said, reading Scripture and praying to the Holy Spirit is always good regardless of whether it brings consolation.

What works for me,

Not struggling to “feel something”, and so, continue to pray - if I’m in mass; continue to answer the prayers of the priest and participate in the mass…fully conscious of the fact that I don’t have to feel anything in order to accept the Lord’s presence and His grace.

If I’m praying the Rosary, I don’t allow the “not feeling” to distract me. In those moments I simply focus on the prayers and who said what portion and to whom did they say the words.

I can understand “feelings” and I am greatful for the moments in which He allows me to have them as “tangibles”.

Spiritual dryness makes me want to listen and wait for Him, in Him. And I wait for my beloved…it is when HIs presence is most intense to my spirit although, I may not know it or…feel it.

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