Advice Needed Desperately for Marriage


I’ll also see for a lawyer tomorrow as you recommend me.
Thanks a lot for your advice!


Your kids sound mature. Best of luck to you. —KCT


You are welcome. Good luck and you will be in my prayers.


Thankyou everyone for the advice. Things seem to be fine now for the time being.

Cathedron I am sorry about your problems. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

I will keep the info on the counseling available. I do not really think it is an option. According to her she is the perfect wife; and all the problems are because of me. Also, she does not want any records because it could jeopardize her employment.

And she would kill me if I ever mentioned it to her doctor.

How should I deal with her rages? Should I ignore it? Should I talk to her calmly? Or isolate myself until the thing blows over?

I can not even talk to her when she is in a foul mood.


Seek counseling for yourself since your wife will not go. This and prayer will help you through this


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