Advice needed on preventing a possible sin of impurity

Hello everyone! :slight_smile: I hope this is the right thread, this is a moral issue. :o
Well, for starters, my sister’s boyfriend is coming to live with us within the next month.
She and he wont be sharing a bedroom. however, their bedrooms will be next to each other, and I can see my sister easily falling into the sin of fornication because of some of the sexual/explicit things they say to each other.
is there anything I can do to help prevent her falling into sin? for example: closely monitor her, make sure they aren’t in a room alone together. stuff like that.
Any advice would be appreciated. thanks! P.S…
the reason he’s coming to live with our family is because he can’t afford an apartment, a room to rent, or a house…he’s flat broke.
Thanks! GBU! P.S…should I stay out of it and mind my own business?

This is not a good setup for trying to keep celibacy, or chastity, for any of you!

Gosh! It’s inappropriate!

I realize her boyfriend’s in trouble, but how is this going to help? Your sister is more likely to end up pregnant!

It’s not a good arrangement for you, either! As Catholics, this is so wrong! We’re not supposed to live together before marriage. Statistically, couples who try living together before marriage tend to have a higher level of divorce, etc., compared to ones who wait.

Is your sister Catholic? Is the boyfriend Catholic? Is your family Catholic? Well, what would your priest say to all this, if asked?

Your parents, by allowing this, are allowing “scandal”, and that’s a sin.

I don’t know if there really is much you can do with your sister, unfortunately. Apparently, she’s going to have to learn the hard way!

Is your sister planning on ever getting married to him? If so, would they be willing to consider going to precana…marriage preparation? In that, it’ll talk about living together before marriage, differences, and encourage them to do the “right” thing! If you tell your sister about this, don’t mention all that…just tell her that Catholics should take this, together, before marrying.

What incentive will there be there to marry, though? He’s got a room and board and your sister? Why would he ever want to commit, now? “Why would you want to buy the cow if you can get the milk, for free?” A lot of people think like that!

If your sister’s boyfriend can’t take care of himself, how is he ever going to ever help take care of your sister, or when the time comes, their children?

In older times, this would have been inconceivable. A man is expected to care for the woman. Now, many men live off women.

How old is this boyfriend? Your sister? You?

You didn’t mention parents, is it just your sister and you?
I understand your concern but it isn’t your place to chaperone them. You can try talking to your sister about your concerns, but after that it’s up to her. She alone is responsible for her own actions. Pray for her, and her boyfriend.

This is not you business really. and whatever you say to her would most likly upset her or angrer her. I would say talk to your parent maybe you mother or even your father see what they say.

living in the same house is many not the right thing happerning. but when my family had to go to a wedding and my brother bought his grilfrind along she selt over our house because it was to late to take her back home. serparte rooms and nothing happened becuase my brother and his girlfriend both cathoilic and church goes and know sex is after marrage.

Yes, you should stay out it. It is your parent’s home and they will handle what goes on under their own roof. It is nice of you to be worried about your sister, but she must learn to avoid temptation in her life.

I concur with both of the above posters.

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