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I am wondering about the ‘dark night of the soul’. I am beginning to think that I am experiancing it, but how do you know? I love God. I desire to be with him and have a deep relationship with him. But I feel an inner sadness frequently and it is unbearable. I don’t know if it is some form of depression or the darkness. I want to pray about it and I know the power of prayer but it’s like I have no drive and no want to pray even though I desire to. I’m sorry if this isn’t very clear but I can’t seem to explain myself.


It does sound to me like it may be some form of depression… you say that you love God, and that is the important thing. You WANT to be close to him. I’ll say a prayer for you too…



Its ok it will get better you just have to persevere in the spiritual life, eventually it will pass then it will be even better than it was before :wink:


I’d say you have a mild depression. Try to relax, sit down in a quiet room and think about what problems could be making you sad, and work to resolve them. :slight_smile: If absolutely nothing comes to mind, and you can’t think of any reason why you would be sad, perhaps you should see a doctor to determine if a chemical imbalance exists in your body. :thumbsup:



My dear sad friend, you may be experiencing some depression if you have deep inner sadness and lethargy. It something I’m very familiar with having experienced in in my husband and doing research, but as we con’t advise medically on this forum, I hope that you will explore that avenue yourself.

Depression or melancholy does tend to marry to some extent with the dark night. There could be elements of both in your life.

I hadn’t spoken of it in the forums because till now it hasn’t been helpful to others to do so, but until recently Iwas suffering some dark night myself. It didn’t show because I was working to respond to and do all that was needful anyway…but I now have great joy and freedom and a new beginning. Since 2004 it’s been hard for me. It managed it differently to some earlier dark times because of the struggles I won in earlier times…I kept going to daily Mass, kept praying, kept being loving to others and praying for them.

I only tell you this to give you hope…that darkness will pass if you remain faithful and continue to do the best you can manage. Note I say, ‘the best you can manage’, not the best you can do.

May I suggest that you look into what is making you sad and disappointed and without drive. Please seek help if needed, but p;ease seek to address sensibly whatever is causing you sadness. You are human and there are human causes to many of our problems.

I will pray for you that you can find wisdom and healing and the you will come to a place where the sky is blue and full of sunshine and your heart dances in prayer and joy again.

God bless you…Trishie
A big hug from me your loving sister in Jesus!


My dear friend

Many people think their in the various nighrs. If you are you won’t know it. I don’t think you are. Perhaps see your doctor and priest or SD to discuss it and know for sure.

God bless and peace to you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


Thank you for all the advice. I’ve been talking to various people and it seems that I’m struggling with anxiety and maybe depression. I’ts a rough time but I’m working to get through and I have a lot of help and support now.


I’ll pray for you dear friend.

God bless and peace to you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


People go through difficult times and sometimes people call this a ‘dark night of the soul’ but it is not really a ‘dark night of the soul’ in its proper spiritual meaning, you have to go quite a long ways along the spiritual path to get to that.

Normally I think people think this because they are depressed or having hard times generally, and that this is probably part of the purgative process in their lives, that is the beginning of the journey where we let go of sins and learn to trust in God through hard times and easy times. :slight_smile:

Learning to trust in God’s providence means learning to live a sinless life and to accept hard times and easy times with equal thankfulness as from God. :slight_smile: Because it is all for a greater good that these happen, through His wisdom, that we cannot see but can always trust in. :slight_smile:


Don’t indulge sadness too much!

Some sadness is from God, some is from below – the Devil!

If the sadness helps your spiritual life, it is from the former, if it hinders it may well be from the latter!

There is sadness at sin, and sadness at what the Lord suffered for us for the same of our sins… then there is a sadness that is despair – and that we must never indulge in!

Our emotions should unite us to God, whatever they may be, that is the key. :slight_smile:


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