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Greetings, I have been visiting these forums for over a year now, and learned a lot. Now for the problem. I grew up in the Catholic Faith. Fell away in my early 20’s, married a protestant (at the time, barely practicing) by a minister and a RC priest. When we had children, we made a feeble attempt tp go to a RC church, but never really joined (maybe I was too immature or lazy). I accepted a job that required a lot of travel, leaving my wife alone to raise two young children. She had a born-again experience and desperately wanted to join a church, but due to my new position and the adjustments I was going through, I blew her off. She turned to other people and ended up in an Evangelical Friends Church. I gave that a try and found it was too protestant and fundamentalist. This created enormous stain in our marriage. Eventually, she had a nervous breakdown, left that church (not because of the breakdown, but personel Reasons). We now attend a Presbyterian church…continued



I never felt a part of this church. I have attended the last few years more out of a duty to preserve some peace in our relationship. The minister, while very nice and personable, has said things that really bother me:
1: On Reformation Sunday, he was almost giddy with excitement as he cajoled the congregation to sing A Mighty Fortress is Our God.
2: Very recently he prayed that if he couldn’t reach a non-Christion, that the Holy Spirit would lead this person to the Baptist minister across the street. That just jangled my nerves, the choose your poison type of religion. If this doesn’t work for you, try the one across the street.
One last note, my in’-laws have had some misunderstandings with catholics in the past and don’t like them, and my brother in law attended Moody Bible Institute. I’ll take any advice. I feel miserable and don’y have a lot of hope right now. I want to come home.


[quote=oleelo] I want to come home.


It looks like you know what you want, don’t let any person stop you. I have a few similarities with you. I also was raised catholic, fell away, and married a lutheran. We also didn’t attend church as a family. We had our kids go to Sunday school, but didn’t go to church together. Just recently I felt like starting to go to church again, so I thought the likely place to go would be the lutheran church we were married in and our children went to sc in. Well, I went, and it didn’t feel right. The more I went, the more it didn’t sit right in me. I also wanted to come home, so I did. I’m not saying our situation is great. I don’t know the right thing to do, so I go to both right now to keep our family together and still be true to my heart. There isn’t always a set in stone answer. You have to keep your family happy, but God will help you find a way.


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