Advice needed

I am finding it difficult conversing with my co-workers when they bring up the topic of gay/lesbian /transgender issues. Why do they think your a hater if you don’t agree with that type of lifestyle choice?
Have you ever been in this situation and can you offer any advice on a way to respond with charity instead of being silent?
Thank you.

Better just not to let yourself be drawn into the topic.

You can’t reason someone out of a position that they are emotionally invested in. Better not to waste stress hormones.


They think you’re a “hater” because they think that you are an impediment to one of their rights. GEddie is correct in that we should avoid such situations, and pray for such people.

You can also learn about apologetics from and other Catholic apologetics sources to learn how to dialogue with them on why it’s wrong to have these lifestyles, if they demand you to defend your faith and morals.

Hope that this link can help out:

God bless you

I completely agree.

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