Advice on taking baby to Mass


Our baby is a week old, and we want to take her to Mass. Any advice on what we should do?


A baby that small shouldn’t cause major problems during mass. It’s not like she is going to be running up and down the aisle or jumping off the pews. :wink: Do you nurse? If so, that is probably your best tool to keep your baby happy. Take a blanket along so you can cover. If not, or if you are not comfortable nursing in public, just take her outside if she starts to cry. I’d find a seat close to the exit so as not to disturb other people if you have to leave.
When my babes were that small, they were generally happy as long as I was holding them. (Actually, that still applies in most situations!) You might want to inquire beforehand as to what the guidelines are in your church for children attending the service. Good luck! I think attending mass with your newborn is going to be a very special experience!


Congratulations on the new baby! Taking a newborn to Mass is not too hard. Your two biggest concerns are feeding and keeping people from touching the baby. If you live close to your parish, just feed the baby before you go and you should be OK while you are there. But if not, have a plan for where you will feed – especially if you are nursing as it can be difficult to get baby latched on the first few weeks. Our parish has lots of spaces that work for this – get Dad involved if needed to keep everything covered! If all else fails, the car is an ok option. As for people touching the baby, hopefully the child sleeps through the Mass, which makes it easy to ask people to wait. We always took our kids in the car seat with a blanket on top. I did have to decline to let people hold Grace, but no one seemed too upset. I just told them that I would prefer they wait a couple of weeks because I didn’t want to risk her getting sick. We also made sure we were in and out of church as quickly as possible. Another option is a sling, which keeps baby so close to you that others are uncomfortable touching the child because it would mean being in your personal space. I hope your first Mass with baby goes well!


All my babies slept through Mass until they were a couple of months old.

Am I just crazy that I never told people not to touch my baby? I mean, my parish members watched me blow up to the size of a Mardi Gras float, have been anticipating this baby and asking me questions… they are excited! Why would I deny them, especially the old ladies, the pleasure of touching my baby?

Besides, I trusted in nursing to protect my babies from common illnesses. And it seems to have always done so…

Congratulations, and I applaud you. As your baby gets older, there will be times when she is fussy or restless, but it is worth the effort to get your children used to going to Mass from the very beginning.


I agree with most of the posters, A newborn in mass is pretty easy. My lo would sleep in the car seat for most of mass. Only once did I have to leave the pew to go out into the vestibule to feed him. If he doesn’t sleep in the car seat he is almost always asleep in my arms for communion. Today he was so cute and was sitting up on my lap and looking at the alter, looked like he was paying attention. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh it’s probably me who’s crazy. My oldest developed a serious infection when he was only a few days old, so I’m a bit overprotective. I do know that some doctors recommend not taking a baby out for a few weeks in order to avoid infections, but I also know some doctors don’t worry about it.


We took our baby when she was 5 days old. She pretty much slept the whole time, but I pumped and brought a bottle just in case. Never had problems with anyone trying to touch her.


I wore my baby in a wrap at church until he was about 9 months old and he always went right to sleep and slept through.
Good luck to you!


We went yesterday, she was a quiet little angel.


Wonderful, congratulations on your first mass as a family! I’m glad things went well!


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