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Hello all.

I am only a few days into this and I wanted to ask, I am a devout Catholic, and I wanted to ask for advice on what to say in a letter of thanks to my State’s highest Archbishop to ask him to thank God for all that he continues to bless me and my family with. How can i put all of this into words in a meaningful letter to the Archbishop?

I would appreciate advice please::shrug: :slight_smile:



Possibly the best thanks you can give is to pray faithfully for your Archbishop.
Our God please help him to continue to be a true shepherd, living the gospel humbly and fully, giving true leadership, support, succour, and witness of Christ and the Church to Catholics and to all.

I asked one dear holy priest when he first came to our parish, “Do you receive much affirmation?” Silently the dear priest shook his head…well he sure gets it in this parish every now and then. One of our priests ran into a retired priest who bore an air of sadness, because he didn’t know if he’d actually touched anyone’s lives. Sometimes we may be the only one who tells another of their value and witness.
Some people don’t seek or need this kind of affirmation. Others need it from at least someone. Your Archbishop may have a fair idea his witness is worthwhile or he wouldn’t have been chosen for this apostolate.

The best thing is to pray for him, and if you wish, to let him know that you are praying for him is possibly the best message you can give him…since it comes from your heart, then simply in your own words. When one wishes to give affirmation to others, one’s honest words are enough.

God bless you for your generous intentions :slight_smile:


I would pray directly to God and thank Him.
I would thank the arch bishop for being a good and faithful shepherd if indeed he is.


I’d drop him a short note of thanks.

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