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Once again I think this will fit best in this forum! :D

Here's the rundown: I recently (yay!) got a full-time job and received the call from the employer this past Tuesday. When the lady called she basically said "come in at 9 am on the 16th (this upcoming Monday)" and that was that. Needless to say this is my first full-time job so I didn't really know what I should do or say other than to accept it (I had been waiting and worrying about it for almost two weeks!)

The problem is that I couldn't give my current part-time employer two weeks notice even though I wanted to. When I told my current manager about me leaving she was upset at my new employer saying "didn't they realize you have a job now?" (and yes, I did say on the application that I was currently employed). I told her "Yep, I told them" and that was that. This might be a problem for my current employer because, out of the 30 or so employees in my "area" there are only four of them (myself included) who perform my specific semi-managerial job.

I feel bad about not giving two weeks because this current employer has been a somewhat good gig. I wanted to give them the courtesy but the circumstances wouldn't allow for it.

In parting this current job, is there anything I can do to make-up for the lack of notice? Even if it's not my fault I feel bad just leaving them out to dry like this.


Well, It's a bit late, asking on Friday night. Did you TELL the woman that called that you needed to give 2 weeks? If not you should have, for 2 reasons. 1)You could have then given appropriate notice. (be prepared to explain to future employers that you are not likely to get a good reference, because you didn't give 2 weeks notice. Now it's illegal (in CA) to give a bad reference, almost even if it's true. They are likely to say NO RESPONSE... but that you're NOT rehireable. Be ready to tell them you had NO CHOICE financially to do so. In fact, if you can get someone in authority to write you a letter of rec. DO IT NOW!!!! 2) If the new hiring manager didn't care about you giving notice, not respecting that... it would have been a HUGE RED flag that they are not going to be a great employer. They care for themselves and not others. The end.

Now, regarding Part time EE... It's a bummer they didn't see your value BEFORE you found a full time job. They have 4 people doing 4 seperate part time jobs? Yeah, that's called, part time so we don't have to give you benefits. We care about OUR bottom line, and not yours. So, they don't particularily care about you either. Or they could have OFFERED you a full time job. NO???? Why not? 'Cause you become more expensive. Sorry, are they not aware of this economy?

Also, rest assured if they wanted to fire you, you would be handed your paycheck WITHOUT notice.

I used to be a recruiter, and worked in HR. Sadly, I'm quite aware of how awful/selfish management can truly be. I'm sure they have 200 resumes just like yours. Your position can be filled quickly. You messed up... but I certainly wouldn't lose a ton of sleep over it!


Let me also say that I told my current manager this Wednesday, the day after.

Needless to say, though, I didn't have a future with the company I'm with now. Despite the fact that they promote from within like crazy it seems like I'm not viewed too well by my employers. My immediate manager seems to look down on me (and it seems, sometimes, that other employees take a similar stance towards me in how they talk to me) and my hiring manager (the one I talked to about quitting) doesn't seem as cordial around me as around other employees (although there are some people who I get along with fine and who like me back). Although on certain days I love the stress and craziness I nonetheless just wanna get outta this place.

I mean, yes, it would be great to use them as a reference and leaving them like this I hate because 1) it's a jerk move, but I didn't really think of that at the time I took the new job offer and 2) because I'm afraid it will come back to bite me (unless I'm just being negative).


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