Advice please! Breaking promises to God?


I am 13 years old. I will be 14 in January.

I use to go on a website where you could “roleplay” it’s like a form of writing. You create a character, and talk to other characters. Example: “Hi” I say, looking up at you. “How have you been?” And they reply. In a story format.

Anyways, I went too far on this once ( i don’t feel like saying what happened ) and I prayed to God I promised I’d never roleplay again. Then I found myself roleplaying, and I suddenly remembered my promise. So I stopped and promise I wouldn’t do it again. Then I roleplayed again… Then I promised again.

And now my friend wants me to roleplay with her on texting on our cell phones. I want to. It’s not like the website at all. I totally forgot about how my friend and I roleplayed when I promised it to God. Now I really want to roleplay with my friend again… But I’ll be breaking a promise to God and that worries me. I’m worried about what will happen. Would I be forgiven or would I go to Hell?


Don’t worry, God forgives all sins. And I wouldn’t be worried about role playing. In itself, it can be a lot of fun. Of course, anything, even good things, can be made sinful by our nature. Mention it next time you go to confession. If you’ve been to confession since doing this you’re already absolved of it, but you may want to get it off of your chest, so to speak.


I don’t know enough about the roleplaying you do to know whether it is sinful in itself.

If it is not, and you are just concerned about the promise you made to God, be aware that your pastor (not just any priest) can dispense you from a private vow. When you go to confession to your pastor, you can explain the situation and ask him if it would be a good idea for him to dispense you from this.


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