Advice please!

So a man I know suffers from a mental illness that has affected him for quite a while. He discovered this centre which offers a new treatment for. It is not available in every country. So he wants to go to this clinic abroad to get treatment. However the centre offers aswell potentially new-age energy level treatment. Should he still go there??

Is this man Catholic? New age is a pagan, occult-based belief system. No Catholic or Christian should ever get involved with it, especially if one already has mental health issues. I would recommend that he find another alternative. But, that’s just my opinion.

No what I’m saying is that this treatment I don’t think is new age at least it doens’t seem it but it does offer potentially new age treatment at this center aswel.

I’m not sure. I know that new age is very dangerous. I guess I would recommend that you ask a priest or your confessor. I really don’t know.

it sounds like a scam the way you present it
the only thing that one might understand as an “energy level treatment” in psychiatry would be transcranial magnetic stimulation, which isn’t available everywhere because it is in the early stages of testing - seems to work for a small minority of ppl, but it could be placebo effect
beware of anything from scientology
if it’s being touted as a “new-age” treatment consider it a scam, and potentially emotionally damaging
He should check with his psychiatrist

Yeah, I’d be more concerned with it being a scam that separates desperate people from their money than concerned that it’s spiritually dangerous.

Can you define this ‘treatment’? What iit is specifically?

I advise he give up all sin and resort to works of mercy and fasting.

Best cure known.


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