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I was with an order as a brother for some time, but was asked to leave because I needed some healing for anger issues due to some things that happened to me as a child…

I am still open to following my vocation to the priesthood…

At this point I need to get some healing though, any suggestions?

BTW the order I was with has alot of issues - they’re orthodox, but I’d rather go elsewhere, but they will give me letter of reccomendation if the need arises, and I am invited back if I decide to go back there - but I won’t go back to them…

Please advise if you know any good resources for me to work through healing.


One way to start would be to pray for healing for the hurts you experienced as a child. You can put yourself in the Lord’s Presence and have Him take you back in time to the hurts you experienced, and ask for His healing love to surround you. He was with you, loving you all that time.

You may need to pray for forgiveness for those who caused the hurts. Forgiveness, as you probably know, is a decision, not a feeling.



thats is greatr advice, I will do that for sure… Can you (or anyone else) reccomend any good books to read that might help me in this? I know there are some books by Fr. DeGrandis on healing - is he good? Can you reccomend others as well?

If anyone could let me know I would appreciate it?

God Bless

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Father de Grandis is a gifted Catholic priest in the healing ministry. He teaches a lot about the power of forgiveness. I was at a conference about five years ago at which he was the principal speaker, and leader in healing prayer. His books are excellent - here is a site I found for you…



I actually saw that site earlier, I did a search on google for “catholic healing” and Fr DeGrandis’ name came up…

I have heard of him before, but not in much detail - I knew he was orthodox. Are there other priests who have written on theses subjects as well?

Thank you for your help Dorothy

God Bless

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Father De Grandis is the most well-known name I can think of at the moment - and I think he has written the most.

Sometimes there may be healing Masses in your area in which a visiting priest in the healing ministry celebrates the Mass and afterwards invites people up for healing prayer.

When he leads healing prayer at a large gathering he makes sure we understand that it is OUR prayer that counts, he just leads us and gives us the confidence to pray for emotional, physical , and spiritual healing. His books are very good at leading the reader seeking healing to have the right attitude -mainly one of forgiveness to those who have hurt us.

These priests in the healing ministry are actually only reminding us that EVERY Mass is a healing Mass and we need to approach the Lord as our Healer. They can help put us in the right attitude – but Jesus is all that we need.

Prayer works! We can have complete confidence in the Lord.


thank you Dorothy

I just ordered some of his stuff. I have just made a decision to re-commit myself to a daily Holy hour, which I did in religious life, but have neglected these past few months since I am hime now.

I know thats the best place for me to go to get healing, and these books will help me to work through this with Christ

I love you my dear sister, let’s pray for each other…


Dear “soulsearching”,

I will gladly put you on my prayer list…it certainly sounds like you have a good plan that will definitely work!

I will ask you to please pray for two of my daughters who need direction in their life as they are not focusing on the Lord.

Peace in Jesus and Mary,



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