Advice to Convert on dating


Hello all. I need a little help... I am a sponsor to a great guy joining the church. He recently began dating a protestant woman who has been married and divorced from a Catholic man. I am charitably trying to give him the best advice possible, which includes using extreme caution and discernment with this situation. I have advised that he really needs to find out if there has been a declaration of nullity, etc. before he becomes too involved. What I know: she was married and divorced to a Catholic. The Catholic former husband is being remarried in the Church. What advice/ other questions should he be asking?

Thanks a bunch.


Is the former Catholic husband merely planning on remarrying in the Catholic Church, or has he already received permission to do so? He cannot get married in the Catholic Church unless he is free to marry, which in this case means that he would have to get a decree of nullity for his prior marriage. If he actually is marrying in the Church than this young lady would also be free to do so as their marriage must have received a deccree of nullity, if this is merely something he hopes to do then yes, your friend should be very cautious until/unless she receives a decree of nullity for this marriage.


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