Advice to prepare to have Children


Hello everyone:

I hope it is ok for me to ask for general advice. But I am hoping some of the parents on this forum can share some ideas of how to prepare yourself, your lifestyle, your finances to be better prepared to handle a new baby.

I wanted to start trying to have children but I just found out I need surgery. So I have to wait a little longer. I'm trying not to focus on the surgery or the fact my husband and I have to put off trying to have children. I am hoping I can do something "useful" with this time.

Sometimes I look around the house and see the dirty dishes, I feel regret that I don't spend enough time paying attention to the dogs and I wonder how in the world I think I could possibility be ready to be a mom.

Well, thank you for listening.



Read voraciously everything you can find about conception, pregnancy, labor/delivery, newborns, infancy, etc.
Learn everything you can about the process. Educate yourself.
Pray, most of all!


There will ALWAYS be reasons to "wait a little longer". Always.

A benefit of having kids is that THEY can do the dishes and walk the dog! :thumbsup::D

As the Nike commercial says, "Just do it".

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