I’m been feeling really upset lately. And I just can’t figure out how to pour it all out in prayer. Can anyone give me some advice>

Jesus (and His mother) are masters at deciphering. Just say what you’re feeling, even in little bits and pieces and in your own words.


The Holy Spirit will do the praying for you. Just go be with God and rest in His presence.


I agree. Just talk to them how you would any other person. Even if its complicated and confusing in human terms, they’ll understand.

I was going through depression earlier this year, and my turning point was whenever I went to adoration and put myself in the presence of Jesus. I took my prayer journal and poured my heart out. I just let Jesus take the wheel, to quote Carrie Underwood. And he turned me out of my slump and made things better.

Hope I helped.


When I am having trouble praying because I am upset I usually write my prayers down. I don’t usually keep it as some people do. I just find it helps me organize my thoughts a little more and get it all “out of my system”, as my mother says. I also have a small collection of prayers of the saints, etc., that I pray when my own words fail me. There are also prayers like the “O My Jesus,” “Glory Be” and the Divine Mercy prayers that seem to come right from my soul when I need them.
God bless you.

Write a poem.

Ironically Yours, Blade and Blood

I’m a writer by profession, but sometimes I can’t articulate my prayers.

In those cases, I find that recitation of the Our Father allows my mind to develop images of what I’m praying for. The verbal part aligns my thinking in a prayerful way, and then the images just come to me. I believe that I don’t have to spell it out in detail; He knows what I mean.

Speaking for myself, if I was upset, I have to let it out to overcome the hurt.
Articulating the inner feeling in prayer and talking to a trusted friend bring healings. If I don’t know how to express it at first, I would ask for the help of the Holy Spirit. Then little by little, I will sort out my feelings in front of the Lord. Either writing them down in a journal addressing to the Lord, or verbalizing them at the tabernacle, it is helpful to express the hurt. I would bring the issue up again and again until I feel I have well communicated it with the Lord. Even without uttering any word, the Lord knows it all, it makes a difference on my part to say it out to Him. Then and only then, I can receive healings, regain my peace, and put it away.

Hope this helps you a little. God bless!

“…when you pray, go to your private room and , when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in that secret place, and your Father who sees all that is done in secret will reward you.” ( Matthew 6:6)

Just be yourself in prayer. And if you can’t find the words, remember that God already knows what is in your heart even before you say it.

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