Hello recently I came across a christian church group on YOUTUBE who do wonderful sermons and compose very powerful videos. They are Baptist I believe and I was looking at their videos and I found one where they say religions like Catholicism and mormonism are not christian. I am a very devout Catholic and I was a little bit offended by that statement, but here’s the question, since I really enjoy their other videos and sermons, would it be wrong to continue watching their videos or is it okay to watch their videos even though they are not entirely pro-Catholic??

i would recommend against watching their videos, especially if you are not well educated in Catholic doctrine and theology, because they tend to have heretical teachings which may confuse or mislead you.
if you really want some wonderful and powerful sermons, check this out -
and Fulton J. Sheen is also fantastic -

My primary concern would be your lack of understanding as to their positions on things. It is not particularly surprising that a Protestant group would attempt to proclaim Catholicism as non-Christian.

I grew up Southern Baptist, and,they are puh-lenty anti-Catholic! Why would a Catholic want to spend time listening to them? They teach a different gospel, as do all Protestants, mainly Sola Scriptura (Scripture Alone) and Sola Fide (Faith Alone) and all that these doctrines imply. They interpret the New Testament to mean whatever they wish it to mean. As Luther said, “Scripture is like wax noses. It can be twisted to fit” (quoted from former Lutheran theologian Father Richard John Neuhaus).

I’m more than “a little bit concerned” because these video-makers say Catholics are not Christians. I’m outraged! We were the original Christians. The first Protestant (Luther) showed up in 1517 and the first Baptist denomination in 1609 – many of them, like the Southern Baptists (founded in 1845, in Augusta, Georgia), much later.

The Catholic Church is God-made. All Protestant organizations are man-made.

Jim Dandy
Ex-Southern Baptist, ex-agnostic, ex-atheist, ecstatic to be Catholic!

Very well put Jim. Excellent explanation

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