Well i am a young catholic.

I am it seems addicted to masturbation, i know its a sin, and always feel guilty afterwards,
but i just cant seem to help it, i like girls. Besides this i think im pretty good, i dont commit any other sins, I go to church and have miraculous medals.

Its pretty hard living in a place like Australia, I been in churches and literally been the only person under 40 years of age. And i know that out of the hundreds of people i went through catholic schools with only a handful go to church.

At times i feel like the only person in the whole bloody country my age who actually is religious, and thats the same thing my mother told me when she was growing up.

I dont have any catholic friends who go to church,however i did have greek orthodox friends when i was younger.

To be blatantly honest most people are somewhat against religion, they laugh and mock the magic sky god, the secular culture promotes many immoral things.

I dont have a problem with my religion and i have thought long and hard about catholocism and accept it fully. Im not fanatical im just a normal person who wants to inherit the kingdom of god.

It pretty disheartening at times knowing i face the journey alone, except for my family and a few others.


We all sin, but that doesn’t make it ok. Often times I feel like I’m doing this alone as well since I’m the only Catholic in my family. I didn’t grow up Catholic, and sometimes wonder what difference that would have made if I had. Masturbation is wrong, always has been, and always will be. This is a habit you will have to learn to break. I’m not going to say it’ll be easy, nothing ever is. Having a miraculous medal won’t save you, going to church every time the door is open won’t save you. It will be your relationship with God. By knowingly sinning, you’re saying that you don’t care what he thinks or wants. It doesn’t matter where you are, or where you’ve been.

I pray that you will go to God and plea for the strength to overcome this and to walk more closely with Him. He loves you, and wants what’s best for you. Turn away from this sin, and lean on Him for help and guidance.


I am a religious education teacher for junior high and high school students. I have to say that I highly commend you for your perseverance and your recognizing that your sin is something to be worked on. The majority of young people your age are desensitized to sin and reject accountability and so they move away from religion in order to maintain their selfish lifestyle. This is not entirely their fault since society dictates moral relativism and embraces the “as long as it doesn’t hurt or offend anyone it is ok” attitude.

Keep up the good work. The previous poster is correct in saying that we must move away from sin and back towards God. I feel that just by coming here you have taken a huge step in that direction. Masturbation is a common sin among the young and the older alike but just because many do something wrong that will never make it right. So concentrate on your prayer life and you will do fine. Thank you for coming here and sharing with us. I hope to see you back again and my prayers are with you. Remember, we all are sinners and need Christ to help us back up. Never despair because you feel like you are alone. You are in good company here. God bless you…teachccd :slight_smile:


I would talk to your confessor about it. Advice that a priest gave me when I was dealing with similar issues was to try fasting on occasion if you can. I also recommend praying to St. Joseph, and if you can, read St. Alphonsus Ligouri’s “A Short Treatise on Prayer”. You can find a free version online to read. It honestly changed my life and taught me about reliance on prayer which really did help me overcome my struggle with masturbation.


I think it is wonderful that you practice your faith even when the +world around you" seems to do otherwise. :) GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!! :):):)


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