Aerial Silks and Catholicism

Is the circus discipline of aerial silks appropriate for Catholics to watch or perform?

I had to look this up on Google. What exactly would be wrong with it?

It just looks like a form of acrobatics to me.


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I was mostly concerned about the outfits required because it seems like almost all performers wear leggings or short shorts.

I have no idea what that is, so yes?

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They seem to be dressed kind of like the way conventional acrobats and gymnasts are dressed. Modesty largely depends on the circumstances and purpose. A man could not walk in a church wearing just swim trunks, but at the beach, they would be perfectly appropriate. The way the acrobats are dressed, in tight-fitting outfits, is the only way they really could dress, in such a performance. It’s an athletic presentation.


As in modesty / chastity, if they are wearing tight clothing, which a lot of them do, then no. Especially if a you’re a man, tight/ revealing clothing on women in general is an occasion of sin for chastity. You must guard you purity and chastity with all your might, no matter what a lot of lax " Catholics " say these days.

Sure, it might be the custom of acrobatics, but that doesn’t automatically mean that it’s fine for men to watch

If a man can’t enjoy an acrobatic performance without getting fixated on the costume worn by the acrobat, then he shouldn’t watch acrobats perform. I could say the same about people watching dancers, or competitive swimmers and divers, or tennis players wearing tight leotard tops and miniskirts that fly up when they run around. I personally could watch male Olympic divers in speedos all day without caring about anything other than their amazing diving skills, but I had female friends who would get fixated on the fact that the men were buff and wearing abbreviated shorts.

Most people have the self-control to enjoy someone doing a particular sport or art that requires tight or short clothing, without feeling lust over looking at it. If someone does not have that self-control, they should avoid viewing things that cause them to be tempted or sin, until they can develop self-control. They also need to realize that self-control is their own personal responsibility and it is not the responsibility of the world to avoid showing them anything normal for society (such as an acrobat in a leotard or a diver in a speedo) that might set them off.


It is a beautiful art/sport. Why would you think it is problematic?

We are all about beauty!!

As I sit here working in the parish office wearing leggings.


Be careful,@TheLittleLady! You might get flagged for posting that!

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