aeromancy vs. meteorology?

What’s the difference between meteorology and aeromancy? Aeromancy is considered superstition and meterology isn’t (i dont think)…are they the same thing? If not, what are the differences?


Nevermind I think I answered my own question by looking at a New Advent article:

Human instinct demanded a stronger foundation and found it in the belief in an intervention of some supernatural agency. Reason demands the same. A corporeal sign is either an effect of the same cause of which it is a sign, as smoke of fire, or it proceeds from the same cause as the effect which it signifies as the falling of the barometer foretells rain, i.e., the change in the instrument and the change in the weather come from the same cause. Man’s future actions and signs in nature stand in no such relation. The sign is not an effect of his future act; neither do the sign and his act proceed from the same cause. The other kinds of signs from the living creatures can be passed over by almost the same reasoning.

So I guess by this it is saying if there is cause and effect through reason or science (like meteorology does) then it is not a superstition…right?

Correct, Metereology is not yet an “exact” science but still uses the best knowledge of the factors that affect the weather to come up with a “forecast” akin to an “educated guess” but based on facts.

It is not conjuring up spirits to make the prediction.
Also metereology will give a percentage of possibility of being right in making the forecast.
Since not ALL the parameters that affect the weather are completely known and understood at this stage. But as our understanding of the principles that govern the weather are understood and quaintified, our hability to forecast with more and better precision the weather will ensue.
The basis of metereology follows the scientific method.
Theory, Model, Observation, Measurement, Fitting of data to Model, Correct the Model or the Theory if discrepances are observed. Computers help us in the Modelling of the atmosphere.

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