Aesthetically Pleasing Catholic Stuff


Just a thread of shiny/pretty/smoky things that are Catholic

(Adoration at my parish)- I’m to the left of the guy incensing the Monstrance- you can’t see me haha

Old and beautiful Churches







Oooooo you have alot of my favorite ones!!!


Just some of what I found o use as my iphones background




Mary as a little girl


good ol’ smoky High Mass


I’m loving this thread!

My Cathedral Parish:



Do they have High Mass there?


Yes every Sunday at 10:30 they do a Pontifical Mass, and we also have a huge pipe organ and a parish schola. Very traditional and reverent Catholic worship.





Whoa! Now that’s a church!


Check out this video, this is the Pontifical Mass for the first Sunday of Lent:

(Note, this video is from 2014; the Cathedral has been undergoing a restoration, and the giant Reredos you see in the pictures had not been brought in yet at the time of filming)



We save the Litany of the Saints for Easter Vigil, and we sing a different one, but I’ve always loved it.

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