Aesthetically Pleasing Catholic Stuff


Los nazarenos! Qué tradición tan preciosa :smiley:


There is one great thing about this thread; it has truly shown that what is counted as aesthetically pleasing truly does vary from person to person.


Forgive my ignorance but what do the tall cone hats mean? In the US one would most likely think of a horrible organization that has nothing to do with Christianity.

The mantillas the women are wearing are exceptional.


The KKK took them from the Spanish… they’re originally the hoods o the Inquisition, I believe, but now they’re just a kind of formal laymen’s religious garb


Thank you Maximilian


Wikipedia to the rescue!





What conference was this at? NCYC? Seek? Franciscan?..?


I’m not sure, these were just a couple inspiring and amazing images I found on the web. :grinning:


First Holy Communion:


My parish!


Face to the people?


Theses are my favorites


I really like that and it seems like I have dreamt that place the 1st one.


Some Japanese Icons…


Holy medals:



A picture I took recently at Ave Maria Grotto in Cullman, Alabama.


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