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He’s like “I’m giving myself up for you!” WOW!


Yes, a heavy burden for a little boy.


The painting is entitled “Sintram and His Mother” by Louisa Starr, who was a British painter. I’m looking up who this Sintram is, but at this point, it’s still a mystery to me.


Found this:

The Creepy Christmas Story of Sintram and his Companions

After reading Undine, by Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué, I moved on to the next de la Motte Fouqué novella, Sintram and His Companions. I read the 1845 volume that includes both stories, with an introduction by Charlotte Yonge, the same edition that Jo wants for Christmas in the first chapter of Little Women. It makes sense that Jo would want this book for Christmas, because Sintram is a Christmas story. But it’s not about a cozy, comforting Christmas like the one in Little Women. It’s about a series of bleak, demon-haunted Christmases celebrated by Vikings in the icy mountains of Norway.

… It’s the story of Sintram, the son of a brutal knight and a saintly nun, who spends his life torn between those two influences. Sometimes Sintram gives in to his violent side and joins his father in burning and pillaging villages; at other times he is overwhelmed by guilt and spends his time in solitary prayer, and it’s not clear which side will win out.

You can read more about the story at this website:


El Divino Niño



I’ve never seen Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and Mary standing on the Globe like this. It’s beautiful and powerful, so glad you posted it.


I love that one too. So much theology conveyed in that one image.



Another one I’ve never seen before, and will save. Might need a new ink cartridge…



Large vintage French Holy Water font Benitier


I have 2 plastic ones - the Holy Family, and one of Mary. This just took my breath away!!


Vintage - do you know if it’s available somewhere for purchase?


@spyridon shared his cathedral parish, so I’m just going to borrow the idea and share mine haha.

Image result for cathedral of the blessed sacrament

Image result for cathedral of the blessed sacrament
Related image

You just gotta love cathedrals!

Churches that are modern like this

are pretty ugly.


I found it on pinterest but unfortunately when I clicked on the “visit site” button it said item was no longer available. It really is gorgeous. We always had plastic ones too but I got tired of filling them up due to evaporation so we just have bottles for everyone’s bedrooms.


Well thank-you for going to the trouble of looking. And thanks for posting it.


Sorry, I don’t agree with that assessment. The above church is gorgeous. I love the wood and the expansive windows! Wow!


Be inspired by Jesus!



That’s one of the better modern churches i’ve seen… I dont exactly like the carpeting, but that’s just about my only complaint…


Can anyone name all of the Archangels?

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