Aesthetically Pleasing Catholic Stuff


The chapel mural at my school, in addition to another unsigned painting of Charles Borromeo distributing the Eucharist.


WOW what a beautiful depiction. I pray that this will be my eternal home.







It depends :smiley:
Is it “In the name of”?
or just"father, son, and holy ghost"?


A special Mass I was blessed to have been able to attend.


It is a wonderful experience. Go see the major basilicas like St John’s Lateran, St Paul Outside the Walls, and most of all St Mary Major. Below St Mary Major is a museum that is worth the five or so Euros to see. I’ll see if I can post some pictures this weekend. It is an amazing place.


Here are some pictures from Basilica of St Mary Major


“Victory over the Devil”, St Michaelis Church, Hamburg Germany.

“I have great reverence for St Michael the Archangel; he had no example to follow in doing the will of God, and yet he fulfilled God’s will faithfully.” - St Faustina Kowalska



This is the scrupulous side of me, but my first thought was, “Oh no, what if the wind knocks the Sacred Hosts off the cliff or knocks the chalice over!”



Click on the picture there is more than what is shown here.


I have this very picture about 12" x 16" on my bedroom wall.









I love the symbolism of The Holy Spirit windowbehind the altar at St. Peter’s


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