Aesthetically Pleasing Catholic Stuff





I didn’t notice at first that the Precious Blood from the wounds is pouring into the cups of her hands. :+1:








Sainte Chapelle in Paris. It is incredible to see it in person. It literally took my breath away when I went in.


One of the most famous churches in the world.


Did they film the intro to Catholicism with Fr. Robert Barron there?


It’s on the front of the DVD box.




That’s magnificent man! Where is that!?


You people sure have pretty pictures uploaded here. Maybe I should upload some pictures of cool cathedrals here in Madrid :thinking:


Google Images :grinning::grinning:

Amazing diocese


Why do I get the feeling it’s in the US?


Holy Week in Spain


How nifty.

I really need to go on a tour of Spain. I’d love to visit & hike the Pyrenees but the cities look cool too.

That is definitely not in the US because those giant statues would be sitting on a trailer bed and be getting pulled by a monster truck.

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