Aetna to cut nearly 70% of Obamacare plans in 2017 in move that will reduce choices and potentially drive up prices



That dang GOP, this is all their doing!




See… proof that Obamacare is working as planned … :smiley:


How many predictions from conservatives about this trainwreck legislation have to come to fruition before some on the left might actually reconsider their support for it?


Blame it on Bush… wait a minute. What? Oh, OK.

Never mind.


It’s unaffordable.


I think you may be right. I think they knew it would turn into the dumpster fire it has become, and now a single payer system can be foisted upon us…


It is time to transform our health system into Medicare for all. The citizens will have to pay 20% of the medical care provided, And all of us and the corporations will pay for it through taxes and fees. For example we could tax 10% of individual income and a revenue fee for corporations that operate in the US or sell goods and services.


I think that’s what Hillary Clinton wants to do, take it mostly out of taxes both individual and corporate taxes. Maybe not all on day one, but eventually.



We’ll have to buy our health care from China :stuck_out_tongue:



I would much rather have my employer supported Blue Cross the way it was before Obamacare.


That way of Medical coverage is going away. Soon corporations will make employees buy their health insurance on the open market and give the employee a stipend. It is a lot cheaper to give a yearly stipend and pay the tax of $2k per year in the US. Employers have the problem if that an employee has huge medical cost then they have to cover it out of their revenue. For example, A employee has a baby with birth defects the corporation will be stuck with a million dollar bill.


This is the kind of math that has Medicare on the brink of collapse already.

Health care accounts for 17.7% of US GDP already. If the patient pays 20% of that, the government share would be 14.16% of GDP. A 10% tax would leave a gap of 4.16% of GDP, or $746 billion for 2015. That is way more than the entire 2016 budget deficit of $544 billion projected by the Congressional Budget Office.

Forget the part that many people can’t pay the 20% now.

With the usual efficiency of our federal government expect costs (the numerator) to rise, and with the fiscal drag of even more new regulations that have not been written yet to cause growth in the economy (the denominator) to slow. It only gets worse from there. More than doubling our budget deficit on a long term basis will make borrowing to cover that deficit more expensive, further raising the deficit. It is a nasty spiral that cannot end well.

Now, I don’t want to be too hard on you. I know your post is a casual comment on an internet forum, not a well studied and expert analysis. I have every right to be really angry with politicians who voted for a huge program without any more thought than a casual comment on an internet forum.


One of the fundamental flaws behind Obamacare - and several similar government-subsidy proposals intended to fight rising costs - is that throwing more money at suppliers only encourages higher prices.


Oh, goody, then the government can have all of our medical information, as well as all our e-mails and phone calls.

BTW, Medicare is no picnic, if my parents’ experience is anything to go by. I’ve many times been glad that I had my health insurance instead of Medicare.

“Medicare for all” is a nightmare.



My parents bought supplemental insurance on top of Medicare. Thank goodness they did. When my mother was sick, there was a lot that Medicare would not pay for. We continue to purchase it for our father, but the premium has skyrocketed in the last couple of years.


Unfortunately, the best kept secret is how the Republican Controlled Congress cut $2.5 billion from reimbursements to health insurance companies, from ACA. They could get Obamacare repealed, so they cut the funding for reimbursements, which sent premiums up and companies to drop out of the ACA.

Of course, not one GOP member of Congress has come up with an viable alternative to ACA.

Paul Ryan’s health savings accounts, do nothing for people who require healthcare now.

It’s just another bit of hypocrisy from the GOP as they cut help for Americans, but in the same budget, increase aid to Israel and Afghanistan.



Medicare is bankrupt and costs are spiraling out of control. There will be more rationing of health care through Medicare very soon (there is already a lot).

I had an oncology practice as a client a few years ago. They have a limit of how many Medicare-only patients they can accept, because the reimbursements from Medicare are less than the costs of the chemo drugs. They have to have enough private insurance and supplemental insurance to be able to cover the shortfall from Medicare and still stay in business.

It breaks their hearts when they have to turn someone away, but they have to do it because their practice will go under and all their patients would be without care.

This is false. The GOP forced the Obama administration to actually obey the Obamacare law. There was a provision for the first few years where insurers who had lower than expected claims would pay into a pool of money to offset losses to insurers who had higher than expected claims. It was temporary because predicting claims was going to be tough, and it was expected to be revenue-neutral. The Democrats didn’t include any funding for it, and didn’t write into their law any mechanism to fund it.

Well what happened is there were NO insurers who had lower than expected claims. NONE. It’s turned into the dumpster fire conservatives predicted. So Obama wanted to ignore the law and act like an emperor and give out taxpayer money to offset these massive losses to hide his failure, all without an appropriation from Congress. Congress blocked this because they hold the purse strings, not the President.

Anyone who complains about this doesn’t understand the US system of government, of checks and balances and limited government.

Of course, not one GOP member of Congress has come up with an viable alternative to ACA.

This is false. Please don’t repeat such falsehoods. It’s unbecoming. Multiple alternatives have been offered instead of this dumpster fire. The left simply pretends they don’t exist because they want govt control of healthcare.

Paul Ryan’s health savings accounts, do nothing for people who require healthcare now.

Bull. I for one would love to put money into a health savings account and buy just a simple catastrophic policy with minimal coverage. My family and I are healthy and don’t require much medical care. We can pay out of pocket for routine stuff. And year over year that account would grow substantially.

Quite a LOT of people would like to utilize this option. Please don’t attempt to speak for others about how they would prefer to handle their lives. You don’t have the competence nor experience.


I certainly wouldn’t accuse the Repubs in congress of having been particularly effective. But the combined Repub support of health savings accounts and interstate competition has some merit. I guess nobody knows that medical providers will charge less if they’re paid in cash at the point of service, but they do.

So the Repubs cut some subsidies to insurance companies. Goodness! How long have we heard the left scream about the “evil insurance companies” who “make obscene profits” on health insurance. So, the subsidies get cut and they still scream.

But let’s face it, neither Dems nor Repubs intend for Obamacare to succeed. The Dems want it to fail so we have full socialized medicine. The Repubs want to return to the status quo ante-Obamacare. Whatever the merits of either, both want Obamacare to fail, and fail it will.


This is false. The GOP forced the Obama administration to actually obey the Obamacare law.

Rubio says he prevented a $2.5 billion taxpayer bailout for Obamacare


Senate approves bill repealing much of ObamaCare

Obama tried to write back int he cuts to the ACA as an executive order. He was sued by the Republicans in the House, and the Supreme Court ruled against Obama.

Only Congress has the power to appropriate spending, not the President.

So, insurance companies were not given the reimbursement that was promised under the ACA.

Also, the constant threats from the GOP members of Congress to repeal all of Obamacare, has the Insurance industry reeling with fear.

If repealed, we’ll go back to what we had under Bush. Massive people uninsured or under-insured, with premiums so high, corporations will stop providing health insurance as a benefit.

The Republicans, provide no alternative to Obamacare, because, they don’t care.


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