AF is handwriting entire bible

This weekend I am going to start a journey to try and hand write the entire king James bible. I feel it would be a great journey in my spiritual development and writing skills. In an increasingly digital world I love to take a step back to back to the analog world. My favorite sections have always been the gospels wisdom books and the letters Romans and Corinthians. Psalms has also been one of the books I really liked and I will start with those.

I have been discerning many vocations in the last year or 2 and this will help guide me. I have also wanted to write many books and this will help me with that too. Has anyone on here ever attempted this how far did you get? It will be a hard task that requires a great deal of focus but I know I can and will do it.

I will be tracking my progress here to stay motivated and accountable to you my fellow catholic brothers and sisters on this forum so I don’t **** out on my task.

What a great idea! I hope this spiritual exercise serves you well.

Have you considered writing out a Catholic Bible with all 73 Books and the same ancient/reverent quality as the King James Version? If that sounds like a good idea, check out the Douay-Rheims Bible. I think it’s a more accurate translation than the KJV anyway.

I had not considered that I will look into it.

Or the RSV-CE which is a Revised Version, Catholic Edition of the KJV.

Wow! Let us know how your progress goes. Sounds like a wonderful exercise.

Actually the KJV has the Apocrypha in it. Only some of the translations in the past 150 or so years have removed them.

It is my understanding that the original King James Version labels 7 inspired books of Scripture as Apocrypha, declares that they are not inspired, and puts them together with some additional, uninspired writings, including 1 Esdras. (The Book of Ezra is also sometimes called 1 Esdras in ancient literature, but it is my understanding that the 1 Esdras in the 1611 KJV is different from the canonical Book of Ezra.)

Also, I think it removes the Deuterocanonical portions of Esther and Daniel from their proper places in the text, and it would be easy to forget to flip to the Apocrypha section and transcribe those portions when you reach the places where they belong.

Therefore, I would be careful about copying an old KJV, because it would be easy to get mixed up by its errors about the Canon.

Yup. I’d go with this.
It will be daunting task. Some of the books are going to be tough to get through.

My 2 cents is that READING thoughtfully, taking care with the footnotes and a great Bible companion book, the St. Jerome commentary, and the Ignatius Bible study series at my disposal might be way more illuminating.

Good luck to you though. I’m sure you’ll get all the way through, I wonder how long it will take?
When you are done, what will you do with it? When you make mistakes, will you begin a page over?

Thanks. I retain and understand better when I write it down also by doing this as it makes me take the time to contemplate the words. I will also improv my writing style and skills. I like writing and I like challenges. One thing I want to do is write books so this will help my writing skills.

I am not sure how long it will take I am starting the gospels this weekend so we will see how fast I get that done and it really depends on what happens one week I will be on a roll the next I will be too busy to get the same amount done. When I get done with it it I will hang on to it read it the funny thing is there are web sights trying to collect scans of hand written sections of the bible to put together one with sections written by people all over the world so I can send scans to them others like to see scans in scrap books I don’t know I will keep it and what happens happens.

Sounds like a great endeavor.

I know a guy who set off on reading the entire bible, but elected to do so out loud…he said it changed his life.

I envy your moxie…me, well maybe tomorrow I watch a couple of the mini-series DVDs!:cool:

Thanks for the response. I think the “not inspired” part is from the 39 articles which are decidedly not RC friendly, yet still state they are profitable for reading.

Not sure about the Ezra / Esdras issue. It would be interesting to research.

The flipping back and forth issue could be resolved with a post it prior to beginning.

There is also an issue with slightly different numbering on some of the Psalms and 10 Commandments.

But all things considered, I think those are relatively minor issues, though a RC may rightfully think otherwise. No issue there.

I was really just replying because someone stated the KJV did not have the Apochrypha and I wanted to clarify. I think either the KJV or Douay-Rheims would be a fine choice for the project.

Ive tried a few times but my attention span failed me. It is a wonderful idea though! It would also make a good sentimental work for you and someone close to you for years to come. Maybe even provide some little notes or footnotes here and there. You never know, it could very well be a little treasure that gets handed down for generations to come.

Wow. That’s great. An entire bible? Have you considered the Latin Vulgate?

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