Afflicted T-shirts

Anyone ever see these shirts? They have various images printed on the background in a kinda artsy or gothic way. Afflicted is the brand. They have a lot of shirts that have various religious symbols, including rosaries and crosses, etc. I get the impression, though, that they aren’t exactly the proper use of these images. I’ve never heard much about these. Anyone know? And anyone know of more catholic/christian friendly types of these styles of shirts?

The site is pretty bland. I’m all for cool t-shirts, but I tend to stay away from shirts with death and sacrligeous symbols on them.

There are lots of other cool t-shirts out there.

And yes, there are Catholic t-shirts too.

I think this is what you’re looking for.

If anyone in the UK is looking for Christian t-shirts, hoodies etc for both adults and chlldren there is this site;

They have a really good range :slight_smile:

I think your talking about Affliction, not Afflicted. Affliction is a T-shirt brand that promotes MMA (mixed martial arts). They are based in Signal Hill, California. It is owned by Affliction Inc. who also run MMA promotion Affliction Entertainment. I don’t think that they mean anything bad by what they put on the shirts, I think that they are just ignorant to what they put on them and what the symbols and images mean to people. I guess they think it makes them look cool, but that still doesn’t make it right. :confused:

Considering most, people that i know know about the brand and love it. It’s more because they think the designs are amazing. (i have to agree) They use whatever symbols they like, and they have the freedom to do it, so let them be. I really dont’ wear those shirts since they are out of my price range, but artisticaly they are good, and i’ll admit it.

One reason that shirts are so expensive is because about 20% of the proceeds go towards the fighters that they promote and sponsor, but I still don’t buy them because A) I don’t agree with some of the symbols that they put on there. B) most of the people who wear the shirts are posers and have no knowledge of MMA or any martial arts, they think that wearing the shirts makes them tough. And C) they are to expensive for my blood. I don’t care if they do support MMA competitors.

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