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Hello again. I hope no one takes this question the wrong way or becomes offended by it. I attended my first mass today and enjoyed it but felt a bit lost. I would like to take small steps to start with but I am eager to learn. I am looking for an affordable copy of the Missal for Sunday and weekday and the relevant Liturgy. I have options for later on when I will have considered myself a steady catholic but I am just looking reference material to help me learn and express my ever growing love for Christ.

Well aren’t you in luck! I can recommend a few for you.

The Catholic Truth Society has one out, there’s a Daily Missal, a Sunday Missal, or just the plain Order of the Mass in a leather book.

Here’s the weekday Missal
Here’s the Sunday Missal

Redemptorist Publications also has one out, you can get that on here

As well, you can check for their selections which are vast. Hope I’ve helped,

God Bless :signofcross::byzsoc:

There is a free app called “Laudate” if you have a device to use it on. It’s got the daily readings, prayers, reflections on the readings, a bible (I forget which version), and tons of other resources. I use it all the time. The USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) website has resources for free too. You will be able to find information on what readings will be proclaimed at mass for every day as well as other information on the church.

The United States Catholic Catechism for Adults published by the USCCB is an excellent introduction to the catechism. It is not a substitute for the complete catechism, but the entire catechism is quite a thick volume and not something you can sit down and read over a weekend.

If you want something like the missalette that you find in church, they are available on-line for about $10.00. There are several publishers, so it would be best if you look inside the front cover or on the back to see who publishes the one they use at the church you are attending. You could always ask the priest about it too because there may be some copies of old missalettes that he could give you or you might get lucky and ask on the week that the new missalettes are being exchanged for the old ones.

There is an organization that produces a prayer aid called “Magnificat” that has reflections on the readings for each day. I know it isn’t expensive, although I am not sure of the cost. It is something that is published with the current dates, so it is not a “permanent” type of prayer book. One that is “permanent” is called “Our Daily Bread” and is tremendously inspiring. I used to have one and don’t know where it got to. I loved it’s reflections that made me appreciate what Jesus did for me and how I should respond to Him.

I hope some of my suggestions help. If I assumed too much about your familiarity with Catholic jargon, just say and someone will help you understand. Sorry not to post the links for you. I don’t know how to do that on an iPad. :blush:

In addition to procuring a Missal, which shouldn’t be too hard, you should read the Catechism. It shouldn’t be hard to find and might even be at your local library. Moreso, most Catholic Churches have Missals that are available for use during Mass. You could ask to borrow one once you find a regular church to go to. Right now, hardbound Missals for all the Masses are costly because the Mass words just changed and they just printed new ones out.

I wish you the best in following Christ. Praise be to God that you are wanting to become Catholic. It is the best!

Many parishes have some of the paperback one-year St. Joseph Sunday Missals in stock. For just a few dollars ($5 or less, I think) you can have all the Mass readings for every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation for this entire year. But it is only one year, and so each year you will have to buy a new one.

For about $25-30, you can get one of the permanent versions of the St Joseph Sunday Missal, with all three years included. The price depends on which type of cover you get. The two weekday missals are companion volumes to these, which you can add later if you attend daily Mass and need them.

If you want everything all in one volume, the Midwest Theological Forum publishes the Daily Roman Missal (my personal favorite). With everything in one volume it costs more, of course (about $100 for the leather-bound version).

Whichever you choose, the Order of Mass section will let you know what to do and say and when, and the section with the readings will let you follow along while the Lectors read.

God Bless!:slight_smile:

PS- if you have any questions, remember that this is the right place to ask them.

The Catechism is online:

Also, if the parish uses the disposable OCP missals, you might ask the liturgy director at the parish if you can have / buy a copy.

If you have an iPhone there’s a very useful app called “Laudate”. It includes almost anything a new Catholic would ever need including the Order of the Mass, Liturgy of Hours, daily readings, guide for confession, the Bible, and common prayers in both Latin and English (or Spanish) all for free.

I use it every day :slight_smile:

Thank you and God Bless You! I have downloaded the applications and they are a real help to me especially from the prayers. I am going to buy the Sunday and Weekday Missal once I reach payday as I am slightly low on funds at the moment. I have purchased myself my first Catholic Bible though, the New revised standard edition Anglicised edition with the Grail Psalms which will arrive from Amazon tomorrow.

As you are in the the UK, I must bring to mind the fact that the missals used for Mass in the UK are somewhat different from those used in the US. Some of our fellow posters do not realise this, but the recommendations they have given (Laudate, St Joseph Sunday Missal, Daily Roman Missal) are actually targeted for US use, whereas you are a UK Catholic. The major differences are that US missals use a different translation for the readings, with a different calendar of saints, and (on a minor note) use American English. In that sense, they are a bit suboptimal for your particular circumstances.

However, the missals mentioned by LoyalViews printed by Catholic Truth Society are published according to the needs and requirements of UK and Commonwealth Catholics. In addition, they contain the calendar of saints specifically used in the UK, so I would like to recommend them as the edition most optimised for you in the UK. I use CTS missals myself because my archdiocese uses the same Bible and Psalm translations as the UK, and I have to say that they were one of my best religious investments ever. I particularly like how all of the prayers are organised in parallel with the Latin originals so that one can pick up a bit of Latin while they go along. :smiley:

Alternatively, you can purchase missals for the UK from HarperCollins. It’s not as pretty or feature-loaded as the CTS missals, but it’s a bit more affordable and definitely fulfills your needs. Others include the ones LoyalView has already mentioned: Redemptorist Publications and Cenacle.

Of course, by no means are the US missals useless for you. If you prefer them for any reasons and can tolerate the differences, feel free to purchase them. :slight_smile:

The Book Depository which is based in the Uk is an online bookstore. I live in Australia and get all my books there - best value!!! and no shipping fees :slight_smile:

Thanks Filii Dei. Would you know if these are US or UK? These are the ones I’m looking at.

Oh, ignore that I’ve just seen the link for the Harper Collins and those were the ones I was looking at. Will cost me about £10 each ($14.93) which I think is affordable. Of course I will be looking at better quality Missal’s and Bibles later on.

For $20, Adam Bartlett’s LUMEN CHRISTI MISSAL is the best, permanent edition I’ve ever owned. I’m hoping to persuade my pastor that we replace pulp subscription with it this coming Advent.

Those are both UK missals. Amazon is the cheapest place you will find them as well.

Since you mentioned Bibles as well, here’s another tidbit: The Bible translation used for Mass in the UK and Commonwealth are the Jerusalem Bible for the readings, and the Revised Grail Psalter for the psalms. These are not often encountered outside of Mass, and are different from the more common translations such as the NRSV and RSV.

This has bothered me for a while, because I would like to read from the same Bible that is used for Mass. Therefore, I found it especially useful to get the CTS New Catholic Bible. It has both the Jerusalem Bible for the Old and New Testaments with all the revisions included for liturgical use in Mass, while also substituting the psalms with the Revised Grail Psalter used in Mass. This means that it matches the readings and psalms used in Mass word-for-word, and it has become exceptionally useful for my scriptural study around the Mass readings. I particularly recommend it.

Now, you should always purchase the Bible that best speaks to you and inspires you, but I just felt like sharing my personal favourite. :slight_smile:

It does look very attractive. Unfortunately, it’s not only designed for US use, but also only available for domestic orders from within the US. marcaevans resides in the UK. :slight_smile:

Being in the UK I think you would be buying from .

Do you want the text of the bible readings, or just the Roman Missal?

If just the Roman Missal, the cheapest complete version is £50: Study Missal, at .
A cheap version, which would have most of what you would be saying, is £2.50, at . You would need to buy another in December 2013.

If you want the bible readings said at Mass as well, then your options are at . A new translation of the Bible readings is expected to be published in the next few years, a new lectionary. So these books will then be out of date.

If you buy the £50 Study Missal you have a book you can expect to be current for a few decades. This is the book I have.

Anybody have recommendations for affordable missalettes for a small congregation? We want something that is good for daily Mass and easy to use for our elderly population. Thanks.

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