Affordable Saint medals?


Does anyone know of a good source for cheap/affordable Saint medals/coins/medallions? I was looking to get a few, not just for us but as gifts for a couple family members but can’t really afford $20-50 per medal. We found some 50-cent medals at a local store, but the selection is very limited. I’ve done a few Google searches but so far keep finding the same products/price ranges ($35 and up per medal). My wife wanted to include some situation/job specific Patron Saint medals in a few thinking of you cards she was sending out. We’re not looking for anything fancy, just something that will help put a smile on the faces of the people we’re sending them to.


Have you tried: ? Wonderful range of Catholic goods at very reasonable prices. I have dealt with them a couple of times and been very happy with the service, price and the quality of what they supply.


2nd the above post! Here is the link to tons of medals that are really cheap!


If you are interested in any medals of Saint Benedict, I highly recommend you consider going here

I have purchased many of their medals and been very happy with them.


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