Affordable vestments?

My husband and I would like to gift a matching set of vestments for one celebrant and two deacons to our parish. However, our budget is rather limited. We are hoping for find such a set for $800-1000 or less. Our pastor prefers gothic vestments for OF masses. We have good sets of roman vestments that were donated previously.

Any suggestions on places to shop?


Upon further reflection, we might just donate the money and let the priest decide what to do with it.

With Vestments, you get what you pay for.

Autom is the “Dollar Tree” of religious articles. The vestments are serviceable.

Ziegler is probably the best known and they carry a range of price points

If you know a seamstress or tailor, often a custom set can give you the best of both worlds.

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Perhaps I’ll pass on Dollar Tree vestments! :joy:

I can sew, but I don’t have an embroidery machine…

Our parish has purchased vestments from Autom. Yes some are inexpensive, some are more expensive. And while you do “get what you pay for”, we have not had any problems with the vestments. My husband and I bought a beautiful divine mercy chasuble from them as a gift, and our priest where is it often.

We are a small country parish, and our priest is just fine with the more economy priced vestments which are made from less expensive fabrics.

We live in a poor, rural parish. When I was researching affordable vestments, Catholic Liturgicals seemed to come highly recommended. You might check and see what kind of advice people have who have ordered from it— lined vs unlined, for example.

We ended up not buying anything. We had the same priest for 25+ years… and he was probably still wearing the same vestments that were already here from his predecessor! But since his retirement, we’ve been going through a period where we’re getting a new priest every year or two, and they’ve come in such an assortment of shapes and sizes, we’re afraid of buying something for our short, plump priest, and then having it look silly on his tall, thin successor! :slight_smile:

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