Afghan landmine explosion injures 3 Cdn. soldiers

Afghan landmine explosion injures 3 Cdn. soldiers

Three Canadian soldiers and a foreign journalist have been injured in an explosion near Kandahar, Afghanistan, CTV News has learned…

Officials said the injuries could have been serious, even fatal, if the soldiers and the journalist hadn’t been travelling in one of the new, heavily armoured, ‘G-Wagon’ vehicles…

Jae Malana, of the Department of National Defence, told CTV Newsnet that… “Our soldiers have some of the best equipment in the world and are well-trained,” Malana said Monday. “The G-Wagon is a very reliable vehicle and will continue to be used by the Canadian forces.”

An American helicopter flew two of the soldiers to an American field hospital at Kandahar.

Not happy to hear about these casualties.

I don’t know anything about us having the best equipment in the world. I know some improvements have been made from a situation that was a National disgrace. The nasty lltis wagons have been replaced. But I believe we still have the notorious Sea King helicopters which regularly stall in the middle of the air and plummet to an untidy demise.

My cadet source tells me that the Canadian army has digi-camos and seems to think that the Americans have patch-camos. Was it not the American marines who invented digi-camos? D-oh! I’m wrong. I found an article (below) on Canadians developing CADPAT since 1995.

I get quite a kick listening to a youngster who was a rebellious kid on the block only two years ago and who now speaks so calmly and confidently on the Canadian military. He is a sergeant in the artillery regiment next door to where I work.

It is encouraging to begin to believe that we are sending our people in uniform out with adequate equipment. But I remain vigilant.

G Wagon to Debut in Afghanistan Mission

CADPAT MARPAT PIXELPAT: Digital Camouflage History, Who did it first; Canada or the US?

It seems that the US Army was first to use digi-camo technology. Canada was second. Guy Cramer was third. The US Marines were fourth.

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