AFGHANISTAN - UNITED STATES - Karzai's decision to release 72 Taliban worries US [AN]


For Afghan authorities, there is not enough evidence against the prisoners who have been held without trial. Deemed “dangerous criminals” by the US, they are set to go free without their cases being referred to the Afghan criminal justice system.



Difficult not to anticipate Karzai’s fate AFTER we leave and it can’t be soon enough. You lay down with dogs you’ll get up with fleas and our association with this corrupt and evil man has resulted in the death and injury of brave Americans.

I would leave it all behind today if I were running that mess. We are just holding back the tide at this point. Having corresponded with many troops since 2005 it’s clear the Afghan people are used to having others fight their endless wars. They just sit back and watch. Millions probably billions have gone into training them. For the most part a complete waste. They don’t show up, they attack NATO and American troops with weapons we gave them.

I am not a bit surprised by the revelations in the Gates book. Obama had made a point that Afghanistan was the “good war” so he had to pretend to make an effort but it was all about leaving ASAP. The problem is that we didn’t



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