Afraid of praying the Saints

Each time I think of praying to the Saints intense anxiety builds up within me, which puts me off doing it.

I have heard some wonderful things from people who have prayed to the Saints but everytime I try to do it everything I’m doing feels wrong, and I end up not doing it.

Has anyone else felt the same?

Well, we don’t pray to the saints, we ask them to pray for us, and we pray with them.
They are our older siblings in Christ, more than willing to help and assist us.


The saints are my friends and members of my spiritual family.
I feel no more afraid of talking to them than I would of talking to my aunt or my grandma.

Instead of “praying to the saint”, just pray to Jesus and ask Saint So-and-so to please pray to Jesus with you.
That’s what we’re doing when we “pray to the saints” anyway, asking them to pray to Jesus/ God for us.


In the Pope’s latest apostolic exhortation he quotes Pope Benedict saying something about the saints that I found wonderful:

I don’t know about you, but I can use all the friends I can get.

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I’m not praying to the saints. Sorry to mislead in the title. I’m just following the prayers that have been written by others, such as the Church, Lourdes etc. Everytime I attempt these prayers I feel anxiety.


Well, do you know why?
The Church doesent say one must pray to the Saints, but it’s certainly an amazing and powerful devotion.

Are you a Protestant convert?

if you don’t want to ask a saint to pray for you, don’t … still a good catholic! :rofl:

If the prayers lead you to anxiety you don’t have to pray for or with the saints. It’s not meant to make you feel like that. One thing I may try is looking into some of the lives of the saints and what they went through. God bless you.


Then don’t use those prayers. You don’t have to use them.
You can simply pray to Jesus yourself and then say, “Saint so-and-so, please pray with me to Jesus for this intention”.
That’s every bit as good as the prayers out of a book.

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This is true, but if you completely ignore the saints, you’re missing out on a lot.

Those that say it’s not necessary are correct, but you should try to be able to say the confetieor as that may be said at Mass.

You are not the only one uncomfortable with the idea.

Do you think God wills somehow feel “less” or slighted by you if you do?
Nothing takes away from God.
The Saints got there right beside Him by deferring to Him in all things.

I myself, hope to have a great pile of welcomers to heaven one day.
I consider them friends, and CHRIST considers them my brothers and sisters.

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Maybe practice by asking your friends on earth to pray for you or even to do you a favor now and then (do the same for them too!). If you can be comfortable asking them, you can be comfortable asking those who are even more closely connected to us by being be being even more closely connected to Christ.

totes agree! how much more are the prayers of a righteous man/woman? how much more righteous can you get than perfected in heaven?

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