Africa: Ebola--Mixed Reactions Trail Nigerian Catholic Church's Directive, to Avoid Physical Contact at Mass

A bishop there has said worshippers should stop shaking hands as sign of peace, and should receive the eucharist only in the hand and not in the mouth. Ebola has begin spreading to this West African country in the last week.

Praying for all those affected by this outbreak. Praying for the repose of the souls who have died.

I’m curious…the article said nothing about receiving under both species. Have they discontinued the distribution of the Precious Blood (the chalice), or is it the norm there to only receive the Body (via the Bread?)

This is a very logical and reasonable request. People need to not over-react to it. This illness is very deadly, and taking some time to be extra careful about physical contact is wise.

Sounds like a sound recommendation. Let’s not forget some Churches in Nigeria, Protestant too have been attacked by Muslim extremists. The Church is certainly going through a real trial there.

The USA has been fortunate regarding these communicable diseases. Conceivably, one day we could be dealing with a similar situation.

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