AFRICA/EGYPT - The Egyptian government is preparing a document on the "protection of the churches in Islam"

Cairo - The Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, a body linked to the Egyptian Ministry for Religious facilities , will publish a vademecum within a month on the subject of “protection of the churches in Islam”. This was reported in recent days by Minister Mohamed Mokhtar, head of the department.
The book in preparation - explained the representative of the Egyptian government - is intended to document that in Islamic societies reference to the Qur’an can be translated into a form inspired by the values of coexistence and respect among citizens of different religious belonging.
The minister announced the news on Wednesday, March 30, during the presentation of another publishing venture, a manual-encyclopedia dedicated to the refutation of the false conceptions of Islam, that the representative of the Egyptian government has valued as a useful tool to combat extremism.
In August 2014, the reaction of Islamist groups, affected by the military repression, targeted places of worship and Christian educational institutions across Egypt. More than forty churches were burned and looted. In recent days, an Egyptian administrative court ruled that churches, as places of worship, cannot be demolished. The administrative ruling concerned the case of a Greek Orthodox Patriarchate church sold a few years ago, whose owner had asked to demolish to build a new building in its place.

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We always see excuses being made for constant attacks upon Churches and Church goers.
It’s either ‘extremism’, ‘Islamist’ governments, and I’ve even seen ‘poverty’ and ‘lack of job opportunities’ used as a mitigating defence against the attacks on Christian Churches inside Islamic nations. Absurd.

I think the only real lesson to learn from this is that Christianity will NEVER be safe if a nation is allowed to become a Muslim majority. Syria was once a Muslim minority, so was Turkey, Egypt, Jerusalem and other notable places associated with Christian history and their ‘kufr’ communities.

And as Merkel and her chums continue to advocate mass Islamic immigration into European nations, I can only despair.

I see what Egypt is doing as a hopeful sign.

Yes, but Islamism is rife throughout the Arab world, and only serious strong arm leaders can curtail the inevitability of its continued rise. The sentiment among millions of Muslims is overwhelmingly anti-Chrisian - and the protection offered by government does not always match the demands and whims held by the often barbaric, idiotic herd.

Hence why Christianity is never permanently safe in Muslim lands.

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