AFRICA/MALAWI - Practices of witchcraft and sorcery to cure diseases


Mzuzu - It is hard to imagine the power that sorcerers in Africa still have, said one of the organization’s representatives of Under The Same Sun , a charitable organisation that promotes the well-being of people with albinism, in a press statement sent to Agenzia Fides.
To have positive results in love, money or career is very simple, just pay a witchdoctor, a sorcerer, and he will take care of ensuring the customer the desired future. If the desired result fails, it is never the witchdoctor?s fault. In any local market along most of the sub-Saharan African Countries all kinds of tools can be found able to “work wonders”. From ointments to treat any type of skin problem to plants against all kinds of evil. This, however, is what is seen in the markets. In fact, the activities of witchdoctors involve macabre practices. Animal and even people?s bones, hair and live animals are some of the key ingredients for their miracle cures. In addition, much of the rural population of Malawi, Tanzania and other neighboring Countries still maintain the belief that parts of the body of albinos have magical powers: hair is torn and parts of their body mutilated to make some kind magic. Since March 2016, the number of cases of violence, harassment and killings of albinos in Malawi has soared. About 10,000 albinos in the Country should be protected.

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