Africa Won't Accept Homosexuality--Catholic Bishops


Catholic bishops from across Africa have sent a strong signal about this, this article begins. “Africans must be alert to prevent negative indoctrination from the West to accept same sex marriage,” said Cardinal Sarr, president of the bishops’ conference of West Africa as a meeting of the bishops was to began. “Beware…we are living in a world where the Western world, especially the Americans, behave like people who have to think for the rest of world,” he said.


Doesn’t South Africa have same sex marriage?


Over 16 catholic bishops from across West Africa are gathering in Accra from today to take part in the second plenary assembly of the Regional Episcopal conference of West Africa.

South Africa is another country/nation in and of itself.

Or do you mean SA is an example of an African nation that has accepted same-sex marriage?


Yeah that is what I meant, he said Africans need to oppose the West and it’s imposition of homosexual unions, South Africa is a country in Africa (like Germany is in Europe) so I was wondering if he was including the country of South Africa in his statement.


It’s okay, Africa. We will still be here when you get it. Sigh…:frowning:


Africa (the continent???) won’t accept homosexuality? Reading the article to me doesn’t say that.

To me it reads about same sex marriage. Not homosexuality. If anything, it says it doesn’t condemn homosexuality

“We also have our culture, traditions and so we need to avoid the several limitations of the western world, we need to do things based in our traditions, our practices and customs, we cannot condemn people who are homosexuals…but it is not because you accept it that everybody must also,” Cardinal Sarr said.


This is a good point, Maria. Sadly, I jumped in before reading the article. Your observation is very well taken.


I have been following all of this closely ever since the hijacking by the liberal bishops of the synyod on the family. What the press heard and what was going on in the actual hall was in any case is two different things. All of the African bishops to a man Defended the churches teaching on the family. It is because of the African bishops that The line was held. Several of the European bishops, mostly German Had ideas that actually would’ve even made Luther appalled .


The enlightened attitude of some of the European Cardinals (in fairness, Cardinal Kasper voiced it…) essentially treated the African contingent as a bunch of ignorant rubes who must be tolerated but should be ignored at the big boys table.


I remember that well. Kasper lied about ever saying that, but he was caught on tape.


On Fr. Z’s blog he had a quote from either Card. Kasper or Card. Marx (forget which) saying that the Africans had barely advanced from animism to a crude form of Christianity.


Africa…beautiful continent…where out of the 55 states recognised by the United Nations or African Union or both homosexuality is outlawed in 34 African countries.

Where in some countries people are officially executed, thrown to jail for life or killed by angry mob. Where in some countries failure to report your son or daughter is homosexual may result in getting a jail time if their orientation becomes known and if it is discovered that they knew about it.

Where presidents feel free to declare gay people “worse than dogs and pigs” or vow to “cut off the head” of any gay or lesbian person discovered in the country.

Where people listen to this propaganda and commit atrocious crimes against gay people including families organizing corrective rapes.

Western religious indoctrination has had a major role in forming anti-human, Nazi views of many Africans brainwashed by governments claiming homosexuality only comes from the West to destroy their “culture traditions and morals”

Catholics just love here to complain about perceived “persecution” in the US… They know nothing of REAL persecution. They know nothing of REAL persecution gay people suffered for more than 1000 years thanx to the spread of Judeo-Christian religion (no surprise here since God-father called for a genocide of openly gay people in OT) and a major effect it had on the society, laws and even science twisting and hiding the truth… ergo executions, torture, imprisonment, isolation in madhouses


Could you give me a specific example where a homosexual has been executed in these countries for being a homosexual?


This is in response again to your statement that gay people are officially executed in these countries for being gay. I had asked you three days ago to identify by name a gay person executed there, but you still haven’t replied. Please pass this information on to us.


The title of the article is so misleading.
The Cardinal isn’t saying Africa “wont accept homosexuality”; he’s talking about* same-sex marriage* and that he doesn’t think the country should legalize it.
Big difference.
In fact, he specifically says in the article that, “we cannot condemn people who are homosexuals…”

Plus…he’s not speaking for all of Africa, like the title implies. And he’s definitely not speaking for the homosexual population and those who support their loved ones who are gay.



God bless them!


Open up the laws of certain African state and see for yourself. There is a death penalty for homosexuality. Nuff said.

If you think every world news agency receives annual report on how many are killed in a god forsaken country you are naive.

And why are so fixated on executions/ I guess all other stuff happening to gay people there is OK with you, yeah


There have been many instances where homosexuals there have been executed “unofficially” for being gay.

One recent murder that comes to mind was that of David Kato, a teacher in Uganda.

A local magazine published his name and photograph identifying him as gay and calling for him to be executed, and so…they did.



Oh a happier note, the Anglican Province of South Africa is moving toward accepting civil unions as fully acceptable in churches, including welcoming couples as members and baptizing children of such unions. The Bishops have just voted on it and it goes to the Provincial Synod meeting for full approval.

I believe that the country has performed civil unions for at least a few years.

It sounds as if the SA church will not go so far as to perform same gender marriages in the church, thus keeping with the African stance against it.

But to honor families is a big step. Good for them. It will grow into a fuller inclusion some day.


We should not kill homosexuals – God forbid we become like the Pharisees who caught the woman in adultery.

We also do not dare to change God’s natural order of things, which was for one man and woman to join each other in marriage.

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