African cardinal: Pressure groups behind push to change Church teaching

Vatican City, Oct 16, 2014 / 04:21 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Innacurate media reports about Church teaching on homosexuality published after the synod’s midterm relatio are an attempt to pressure the Church to change its perennial teaching, a cardinal who is also a synod father has affirmed.

Cardinal Robert Sarah, president of the Pontifical Council Cor Unum, emphasized to CNA Oct. 16 that “what has been published by the media about homosexual unions is an attempt to push the Church (to change) her doctrine.”

“The Church has never judged homosexual persons, but homosexual behavior and homosexual unions are grave deviations of sexuality,” the cardinal, who is from the west African nation of Guinea, added.

Among the criticisms of the synod’s midterm report was the absence of some important statements, a point raised especially by some of the bishops from Africa.

Along the same line:

Cardinal Pell: ‘we’re not giving in to the secular agenda’

Cardinal George Pell said in an interview that the October 16 publication of the synod fathers’ criticism of the synod’s interim report has finally given the faithful a true picture of the views of the majority of synod participants.

“We wanted the Catholic people around the world to know actually what was going on in talking about marriage and the family and, by and large, I think people will be immensely reassured,” he told Catholic News Service.

“We’re not giving in to the secular agenda; we’re not collapsing in a heap,” he continued. “We’ve got no intention of following those radical elements in all the Christian churches, according to the Catholic churches in one or two countries, and going out of business.”

“Communion for the divorced and remarried is for some-- very few, certainly not the majority of synod fathers-- it’s only the tip of the iceberg, it’s a stalking horse. They want wider changes, recognition of civil unions, recognition of homosexual unions," he added.

“The Church cannot go in that direction,” Cardinal Pell said. “It would be a capitulation from the beauties and strengths of the Catholic tradition, where people sacrificed themselves for hundreds, for thousands of years to do this … Our task now is to ask people to pause, to pray, to catch their breath, to realize there’s going to be no abandonment of Catholic doctrine, and to work to diminish the divisions and to prevent any radicalization of different factions or points of view.”

Amen God be praised for raising Bishops such as these all around the world to protect the faith against the heresy of modernization and the heretical modernizers

Pressure groups have formed on both the conservative and liberal wings.

Pressure to keep our doctrine and defend it it = Good
Pressure to change our doctrine = heresy

Thats the difference

Thank you Cardinal Sarah.

I think it’s best for us all to take all the media reports and statements by individual Bishops and bloggers, with a huge grain of salt.

The final document will not be released for a year from now.

Until then, it’s all speculation.

Prayer for Pope Francis and the Bishops, is the only response we can have, that will make a difference.


LOL so people that support the eternal teachings of the church are now pressure groups?

I think it’s best for us all to take all the media reports and statements by individual Bishops and bloggers, with a huge grain of salt.

The problem is too many of us see a headline and then race of out the gate like a horse.

Thanks Cardinal Sarah, for your courage to defend the integrity, compassion and truth of what the Church says on this issue. Not territory for the faint-hearted…:wink:

So the Synod will meet again next year and then a report will be given?
I must say, as a convert, I was happy that no church teaching has changed.

Thank God for Bishops like Burke, Gadecki, Pell, Muller, and others.

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