African firm is selling pepper-spray bullet firing drones


South Africa-based Desert Wolf told the BBC it had secured the sale of 25 units to a mining company after showing off the tech at a trade show.

It is marketing the device as a “riot control copter” that can tackle crowds “without endangering the lives of security staff”.

But the International Trade Union Confederation is horrified by the idea…

In addition to pepper-spray ammunition, the firm says it can also be armed with dye-marker balls and solid plastic balls.

That sounds a bit disturbing.


It is already easy to kill from drones; this is far less menacing.



The Mining company appears to be concerned about rioting and crowd control… for employees. There was a strike over low pay mentioned in the article and 44 people died including some police officers.

Until there are regulations and laws in place for the use of drone “crowd” control by private companies and individuals, the potential for abuse exists. Just think if you worked for this mining company and you found out that your employer bought drones that could fire gas bullets, or hard plastic balls. It also has “blinding lasers.”

On the other hand, it might have been nice to have a few of these around when our embassies were attacked.


Yes, but the killer drones are not currently available to private companies for purposes of strikebreaking and intimidating protesters.


Strikes are rare in the USA (except for wholly unnecessary sectors like pro sports :):):)). Governmental shenanigans are not.



I think I saw them on Shark Tank, IIRC.


I love it. More power and from the air. I think it would be a good civilian tool. I also think it will be misused and hit the news for it. I doubt we will hear when it is used effectively.


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