African Union Members Agree to Disregard Qaddafi Arrest Warrant

If countries in Africa abide by the recommendation, it opens the possibility that Qaddafi could avoid prosecution by seeking refuge on the soil of his neighbors.

That has been the case for President Hissene Habre, who is accused of thousands of political killings and the systematic torture of his opponents when he ruled Chad, from 1982 to 1990, before fleeing to Senegal. He has yet to face a trial even though Senegal agreed in 2006 to create a special court to try him.

Habre has become a symbol of Africa’s inability to try its own, and on Friday the AU attempted to address this in a parallel decision, expressing its frustration with Senegal’s foot-dragging, which has included claims that the trial would be too expensive.

If Qaddafi finds sanctuary in another African country, would he destablize a future Libyan government?

The fact that not all members of the UN are signatories to the International Criminal Court weakens this body.

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