African wife-beaters urged to practice "safe-sox"

I’m putting this here because it’s satire rather than news – wicked, but it certainly makes the point.

**African wife-beaters urged to practice “safe-sox” **

The Association of Compassionate Christian Caregivers today severely criticized traditional Catholic teaching on marital “love” and called upon the churches to encourage wife-beating Africans to take the “prudent, practical steps” to reduce the risk of HIV infection when assailing their spouses.
“The science is not in doubt” says Fizzy Osbourne, spokesman for the International Planned Widowhood Federation, “all the evidence shows that bare fists used to pummel infected spouses cause skin ruptures that increase the rate of transmission to the uninfected partner.”
AIDS experts advise uninfected wife-beaters to don leather bag-mitts – ideally on top of and in addition to standard latex gloves – before striking their HIV-positive wives. Knuckle abrasion and random laceration can be reduced by as much as 94%, which significantly decreases exposure of the aggressor to contaminated blood.

. . . . .

“Preaching charity will NOT solve the problem!” says Osbourne. “We need to work with the reality of where these people are. These are Africans, for God’s sake, not persons capable of understanding and following a moral norm. It is irresponsible of the Pope to teach otherwise.”

Satire or not, I don’t feel that this was appropriate. Especially for those of us who have been on the receiving end.


I think that was brilliant. It shows how ludicrous the argument is.

I am speechless.

I am an African-American and domestic abuse has never been taken place or respected in my house hold. This is abhorred.:mad:
I understand you’re not supporting the argument but :banghead::banghead:

I’m very sorry. I certainly didn’t in tend to make light of domestic violence or anyone who has been victimised by it.

:hmmm: But the intent wasn’t to entertain, despite the satirical nature of the piece. Rather, it was to illustrate the evil of one situation with that of another. I can easily see how some could be offended, but why women shouldn’t be offended by condoms being offered them is beyond me.

I especially liked the reference to the Africans being something less than human. How little faith they have in humankind, indeed! Since they consider him not but a beast, and the Africans, the lowest form of the species!

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