African Woman Forgives Savage In Court For Hitting Her With Beer Mug

This African woman is a real hero to me. I’m not sure what religion this African lady follows, but she reminds me of Jesus,

I didn’t watch the video, but I read about this story. I believe the woman is Muslim. Stories like this sadden me greatly.

The victim’s public apology was brave and commendable. She exactly explains the rationale for forgiving. That video is quite depressing because the host rips the victim apart for publicly apologizing. How very sad :frowning:

If people want to skip to just the victim’s speech and ignore the host attacking the victim, watch 1:00-4:45.

Here’s a local article from the Minneapolis Star Tribune that talks more about the victim (but still doesn’t shed any light on her religion): Tevlin: Victim of Coon Rapids hate crime finds grace in courtroom

This African woman is awesome. :thumbsup:

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