After a long day of sinning


After a long day of sinning, whether it be venual or mortal, what can one do to appease the anger of God? I often come home and before bed, pray, but some days I know I’ve sinned more than others and I feel so guilty and I feel like I shouldn’t even pray because I’m so ashamed and I feel like God doesn’t wanna hear me or something. What can/should we do when this happens??? I know we should ask for mercy and forgiveness but is there anything I can do to let God know that I’m so sorry and guilty? Does anyone else feel this way?


Repent, go to Confession, & have a firm resolve to not commit those sins again.

Having a firm resolve doesn’t mean you won’t commit those sins again - we’re frail humans - but that you won’t give up.


Do not think God doesn’t want to listen to you. He always does and he always will love you. Keep praying, keep going to Confession, and have faith and strength to get closer to God.


At the end of each day, make an act of perfect contrition.
Go to Confession regularly.
Then you are forgiven for all your sins.
Do penance to make up for the harm that sin does to others:
by prayer, self-denial, and works of mercy.


Oh goodness, that’s when we need to pray! Don’t let your sins separate you from God any further. It’s a good lesson in humility for us to come to Him as sinners. It might help strengthen you until you get to Confession, which might be recommended at more regular intervals. If we cannot come to Him as sinners, when are we to go to Him? We are always sinners, and will be.


Appease the anger of God??? What an awful and misguided way to perceive our loving God.

Better to ask what one can do to elicit God’s boundless mercy. At such moments, God’s not poised waiting to strike, he’s eager to receive us back into his arms with love. Look at the crucifix. That is not an angry God. A God who willingly endured such horrible suffering in order to restore us to His love is not poised to smite us in anger, but eager to restore us to His love. Remember the father of the prodigal son who, when his son was still a long way off, ran out to meet him, embraced him, bathed him, clothed him, put a ring on his finger, killed the fatted calf and had a celebration. That God doesn’t need to be APPEASED. He wants nothing more than our love. When we’ve fallen, our love is expressed by penitence, a firm resolution to avoid sins and to do His will for us.


:thumbsup: Thank you for reminding us of that. We need to remember that God truly loves us and wants us to be restored to a right relationship with him.


I used to be the exact same. Was a pretty rough way to live.


Give yourself credit for having a conscience. Repent, pray, confess and try not to sin again. God loves you more than any of us could imagine.


I didn’t say God was angry at me; I said He was angry. Do you not recall the anger of God in the Bible, at the sins of His People? We cannot perceive God’s anger like that of human anger. We do need to look at God in all ways, not just in ways that are convenient and conducive to what we want. He looks at us in what we need, not want.

Thankfully, God is loving and merciful to us, weak human beings.


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