After a month, how has your experience been on the new forum?


We have been posting here for a month now. I am curious as to what others think. I have had my first positive interaction with moderation, for example. Here is my list.


  1. New post feature allows more options (like cutting out a sub-forum).
  2. Scrolling up and down quicker.
  3. You can add quotes or refer to the thread while composing a post in the same window.
  4. You can change the degree in which you monitor a topic.
  5. Some sort of achievement system (though not as good as the initial reputation system.)
  6. You can like a post, eliminating all but the most stubborn of ditto-ers.


  1. Moderation is looser.
  2. Not as many options for text.
  3. No animated gif avatars, my number one disappointment. :sob:

As to the moderation, I like the acknowledgment, though I know it is computerized. But I did get a follow-up on an offensive post that was deleted, so I know there is real moderation.


I still prefer the way the old platform had the newer threads fed in chronological order.

I usually use the ‘new’ thread feed, but it lists them in order of which one has had the latest post, and I haven’t figured out how to get back to the ones I’ve posted in without going back into my ‘activity’ thingy.

I would like just a simple chronological order of threads. And also, I’d like to see who created the thread on my mobile.



  1. “Like” feature so we do not have to ditto things
  2. Works a bit better on mobile
  3. Organization of some forums is better
  4. The auto-hide feature when enough people flag a problem post is helpful for egregious posts such as insults


  1. Cannot “block” a poster who consistently posts things you do not want to read
  2. Some of the gifs, emoticons and other indicators (such as Religion) are missing
  3. All of the badges and “trust levels” are driving me up a tree. I’m not 13 and couldn’t care less if I “earn” a badge for posting a link; I don’t respond well to “gamification” baloney in my forums.
  4. I don’t like some of the “nanny” features. For example, I don’t need to be told I just replied to so-and-so for the fourth time. If I replied four times, there was a reason we were having a discussion, just get off my case about it.


Adapt and change. No problems, except for a lack of religious emoticons. The change is encouraging me to get out of the Non-Catholic Religions forum; a big positive for me.


I think it’s nice that we can give positive reinforcement to others through likes.


On the whole, positive. Some of the “things” that happen are baffling. Some threads can get out of hand. Quickly. Easier to navigate, once you get used to it. I find I end up spending more time, and engaging more than on the old forum, so in some ways, it’s either easier or better of ???

I would like to resize things. My eyes ain’t so good.



I find the new forums easier to navigate and keep up with. All the items on the OP’s list - I agree with.


I’m getting use to it. I’m not a fan of the ease of signing up though. You get a whole bunch of ‘non-serious’ posters who wind up being suspended anyway but derailing threads and creating trouble before that happens.


I love the longer edit time (is it forever?). I catch typos, add things, edit ideas, etc. Makes for better threads. You can add to your existing post rather than doing a new one.

After an initial period of intense enthusiasm, I admit to becoming more nostalgic for the old forum, maybe just because I enjoyed posting for a few years there and it still feels to me like a lot of people are gone. Not just the few I posted with; I mean a lot of others whose interesting posts added to the conversation.

I find it harder to see the different categories. I did like the everything right there visual of the old format. It seems like everything now is designed to be read on a phone, preferably while driving/walking/eating, etc. Not a lot of focus, care on visuals. Who has time for all that nonsense. Click away and move on. I noticed Fox News changed their website, tons of options, click click click. I hate it. Not that I really loved Fox at any point.

I love the approach to moderation. Let people talk, don’t let them troll, don’t let them really get out of line. Single most improved thing. I personally feel there is a softer tone now - but I admit to not reading many threads that much so I could be missing stuff. I still think it’s fun to post though. I am certainly not crossing swords hardly ever. Either I have gotten a lot nicer or the forum has.

As for the missing (animated) emoticons, definitely mourn their loss.

I actually found a lot of them on the Internet. Thank goodness.


I liked the older one better as well.


I actually like it. It “moves pretty fast” here. Have learned a lot, discussed a lot, been blessed a lot and prayed for a lot of people here. I like the new forum.


A VERY mixed bag, mostly negative in MY experiecnes



  • Much improved/faster navigation.

  • Much, much improved moderation.

  • Ability to edit posts.

  • Ability to “like” posts of others.

  • Fewer emoticons. (Get rid of them all!)

  • No more posting count and religion immediately visible.


  • Inability to ignore trolls. This is a glaring shortcoming of the new software, but the CAF Staff seems to be doing what they can to manage this situation.


I have noticed an increasing number of posts which are posted in obviously wrong forum categories.


I still miss the old CAF.
I don’t enjoy engaging here as much as the
old forum.

A couple of positives is it is easy to edit your post and I like the hearts to show you
like a post.

Don’t care much for the badges or the notification system - especially the PM’s.

I am not computer and software savvy, so the old forum was easy and uncomplicated for me since I had used it for 9 years.


Great list. I have not thought of the mobile thing. I might have to give that a try someday. Do you access it through an internet browser or an app?


I just use a Chrome browser and wi-fi, it gives me a mobile friendly page. No app that I know of yet is available.


I like it. I’m getting used to it. Plan to be here more often.





I like using the emoticons, too.

I think that they can help to convey the emotions that any one of us may want to try and express in our posts. :slightly_smiling_face:

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