After a month, how has your experience been on the new forum?


Right. :+1: I admit that in the old days of the internet, I thought they were a tad annoying and a crutch people used in cases where they could not articulate their point adequately with words. But now I have come around. In the context of a forum like this with so many different voices chiming in with short discussion points, they kind of stand in for the body language and tone that is missing from online interactions.

That said, the new CAF has far more emoticons/emojis than the old CAF.


I think the forum software itself is much better.

  1. Keeps track of replies
  2. Watches topics
  3. Keeps track of the last post you read in a topic
  4. Alerts you to replies
  5. Has better editor options including quoting feature

My biggest issue is I just think the look and feel is too sterile. The forum feels like it could be about medical devices.


Agreed. To be honest, I am actually a little embarrassed by how funny I think they are. It is not a view shared by all. But I also agree they help convey emotion, humor - I mean if we need to justify them further beyond fun.


Were it not the only game in town I would be GONE



Oki-doki to you.


This was my number one negative I think. I later noticed how to use the tracking feature. It is advantageous to be able to block a thread where the level of charity becomes an obstacle to one’s peace, or where the running in circles is making you dizzy. I still miss being able to block a specific post though.


Could you be specific about what you don’t like?

@Walking_Home, since you liked it I guess you feel the same way so same question to you.


It still takes longer to do things (constant scrolling, no page numbers), but overall I’ve become comfortable with the new site.


I like the fact that items that are posted cannot keep popping up as ‘unread’ in our listings just because the original poster keeps posting to their own post. Those ‘Saints in the Liturgical Year’ and the long ‘inspirational’ postings that I don’t read just go away once I open them once-just to get rid of them.


Now that I have gotten acclimated, I like the interface a lot better and find that I can peruse the forum much more quickly. Whereas before, I would go to my subscribed threads and open up each thread with new posts in a separate tab, now I just go to the first one, read to the bottom, and then I notice that the “suggested topics” at the bottom are all threads I am tracking that have new posts. So I can go straight from one to the next without needing to go back to a central page or open up a bunch of tabs.

I also like that it remembers where I left off. In the old CAF, it would be able to take me to the next unread post. But once I went to that page, the whole thread was marked as read. If I got interrupted, or had to close the browser, I wouldn’t be able to pick up where I left off. Here, I can go to a topic, read a few posts, and then it will remember where I left off.


Mod here’s one for you

I copied and pasted a reply to my STRING: What are you not a catholic

Here’s the REPLY which I CANNOT find on the string

Actually I have a very long list that could be expanded upon.
Contradicting history (Yes from Peter to Francis)
Changing under the explanation of development
Claiming a Patent on Christ
What is the Magisterium exactly?
Catholic morality (How to figure it out)
NFP and Contraception
Need for confession and therefore mortal sin


God Bless you,


I’m not sure I follow. Are you saying you received an email alert about a reply to the thread and that you can’t find that alert? If so then go to your user page (click icon in top right)

  1. Click Notifications
  2. Click Responses

This will show all replies to you. Bookmark the page if you think you’ll use it a lot.


@PJM, here it is WHY are you NOT a Catholic? post 77


Sometimes when I copy and paste a link into a post, the post brings up the image of the linked page. But sometimes it just stays as a text link. How do I make it do one or the other?


I know that it is necessary to put a link on a line by itself in order for the preview box to appear. But I have noticed it does not always appear, even when a link is on a line by itself.

I don’t know what the rhyme or reason is. I have a feeling it may depend on what website you are linking to. Any link to the CA forum brings up a preview, but any link to the CA main page does not. Wikipedia also seems to pull up a preview for each page. Amazon pulls up previews for product pages, but not the main page. :thinking:


I imagine it is like Apple’s ‘Reader View’ feature and Apple’s link preview in Messages. They rely on the HTML (underlying format code and meta data [not the NSA spying euphemism but actual metadata]) having certain tags or a certain structure in order to come up with the text and image. So it would depend on how the linked website does its HTML.


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