After a tubal ligation, what do I do?

I have been Catholic all my life and Love it. I have 6 beautiful children. My last child was a difficult pregancy and the Doctor suggested ligation. I spoke to my priest and my husband, after thinking about it I decided to have it done. Now I am wondering if I did something wrong. I read that any type of sterilization is wrong no matter what the reason. I have gone to confession, but still feel like I did a great big no-no. I understand it if after the fact but I am worried about my soul. Can you help me?


Dear E,

Evidently the priest you consulted gave you poor advice. If you have repented and received absolution, your sin is forgiven. The Church does not require you to attempt to reverse the proceedure.
Pray for the faith to recognize the Lord’s forgiveness. This experience dramatizes well how gratuitous God’s forgiveness is for every sin.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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