After AOC Decries Statue, Hawaiian Catholic Says St Damien ‘Gave His Life’ Serving Leper

So now St Damien is a symbol of white supremacy. This country is over with.


It is unfortunate that many people today simply are too narrowly educated to begin with, and also too full of their own ‘self-esteem’ to ever bother to do fact checking.

From our spell-checker world to the ease of Googling on our smart phones and our affinity for the ‘byte’, the ‘wit’, the ‘meme’, many people today rely not on seeking to develop broadly based knowledge from a variety of factual sources, including frequent fact checking, but rather on simply regurgitating the ‘party line’.

The party line for many of the progressively minded crowd currently includes the overwhelming arc of ‘colonialism and white supremacy and racism’. Instead of viewing individual people and actions and histories broadly and thoroughly and impartially, things are simply ‘labeled’. If it’s a white statue, it must be a symbol of the current ideological ‘ism’. After all, until good old AD 2020, the US was such a hotbed of colonialism, sexism, racism, white privilege, heterosexual privilege, etc, just about anything that occurred before ‘today’ and was commemorating a white person must have been because of one, some, or all those factors. Even if there existed a white person who had done something remotely good, there would be something wrong they had done. George Washington may have led our country to independence but he had slaves. Abraham Lincoln may have won the Civil War and set the stage for emancipation as well as a reuniting of a country split apart, but because he was a white man, he was obviously a closet racist and certainly didn’t do enough to ensure that blacks were treated well. Heck, even poster girl Margaret Sanger, who worked so tirelessly for women’s ‘rights’, turns out to have had racist views no matter how hard her defenders try to spin it—and lately there are signs that she too is ready for the cancel culture, yet another example of the flawed beings our shining virtue shamers are ready to throw under the ‘zero emissions’ bus.


Seems to me that Rep. Ocasio-Cortez is the only one that’s racist, and sexist here . She’s the one blubbering because Fr. Damien was white, and a man. Fr. Damien helped all, he didn’t care about the race or sex of those he helped. Keeping the :poop: pot stirred so people don’t forget about you AOC ??


For me, this looks more like an East Coast, New Yorker issue. The bigger arrogance and prejudice is more about those not enlightened enough to live in the Big Apple, especially on an isolated Pacific Island. She is hardly alone in believing she has to have An Opinion on stuff she is totally ignorant of.


I wonder if AOC would suggest that Ulysses S. Grant, Frederick Douglas, and St. Junipero Serra would deserve to have their statues torn down.

Don’t know if AOC might have suggested it or not, but sad to say, all three have been knocked down…

MIAMI (CNS) – The beheading of a statue of Christ at a Catholic church in the Miami Archdiocese has saddened the parish community of Good Shepherd Church and prompted Miami Archbishop Thomas G. Wenski to call on law enforcement to investigate the incident as a hate crime.

On July 15, the statue at Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Southwest Miami-Dade was found with its head chopped off and knocked from its pedestal…

The Department of Homeland Security is among the agencies investigating the case.

In recent weeks around the country, angry mobs have toppled statues of figures such as St. Junipero Serra, a Franciscan priest from Spain who founded several missions in California. Statues of historical figures, like Christopher Columbus, Gen. Ulysses S. Grant and Frederick Douglass, also have been knocked down and heavily damaged…

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‘Future of the Catholic Church’

She is a blight on America. She isn’t fit to wear his sandals. (Not many of us are…)

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Of course she would. She’s a disintegrationist.

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Unfortunately she has succumbed to bringing a malevolent nature to the forefront. We should pray for her soul, as the actions she has done and words she has spoken are of extreme grave and evil nature. Pray that she can repent.

Sometimes it is hardest to pray for the most vile of humans, but that is what we need to do. We don’t want any soul in Hell. Hopefully with our prayers, she can turn to Christ and not be his enemy.

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